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Magill FFL: Talking Smack Gets Cohen Smacked


By Ken Magill

What happens when you talk smack about your record? Well, usually it’s an invitation to the fantasy football gods to swoop in and smack you upside your head, that’s what.

And that is exactly what happened to Movable Ink’s Inkredibles after team owner Jordan Cohen bragged two weeks ago in the comments section of The Magill Report about having the only team in the league with a 6-1 record.

The Inkredibles proceeded to lose their next two games, leaving their record at 6-3.

This week, the Inkredibles lost to PL Marketing’s Lakeland Hawks 66.3 to 81.78.

As a result, he hopefully humbled Inkredibles lost sole possession of first place in Division 2 and are now tied with FreshAddress’s @men for the lead.

And speaking of the @men, they are turning out to be the story of the year. After losing their first three games, they haven’t lost since.

This week, the @men beat Return Path’s GOLIATHS 143.46 to 96.7. The @men’s record is 6-3.

Return Path’s loss put their record at 5-4, leaving them in the middle of the pack in Division 1.

The Hawks are in sole possession of the lead in Division 1 with a record of 7-2, the best record in the league. [Note to Hawks: Don’t brag about it.]

The TowerData Validators beat Message Systems’ MS Destroyers 93.92 to 63.5. The Validators are in second place in Division 1 with a record of 6-3. Return Path is in third place in Division 1.

Message Systems’ record is 3-6. They are in third place in Division 3, but still just two games out of first.

Division 3’s leader is the Marketfish Sharks who put up a whopping 198.24 points this week to beat e-Dialog’s e-D’s TDs who scored a respectable 145.98 but had the bad luck to be up against this week’s highest-scoring team.

Marketfish benefitted from a 79.2-point day from Tampa Bay running back Doug Martin.

The Sharks’ record is 5-4. e-Dialog’s record is 4-5. e-Dialog is three games out of first place in Division 1. Or tied for last place, depending on how you want to look at it.

Living Social’s Illegal Use of Hands is still in the hunt in Division 3 after beating Responsys’s Always in the Inbox 97.98 to 90.84.

Illegal Use of Hands is in second place in Division 3 with a record of 4-5. Always in the Inbox is tied for third place in Division 2 with eWayDirect’s Avengers, both with records of 5-4.

The Avengers beat Omeda’s Oh My! Omeda 127.34 to 107.92.

The NetAtlantic TidalWave won their second game of the season, beating Victor Printing’s [who the hell let a printer in this league?] Browns 96.44 to 71.4.

The Browns’ record is 1-8. Omeda’s is 4-5.

Editor’s note: Why I didn’t publish last week. In a word: Sandy. We lost power Monday night, which is generally no big deal because we have an 8,000-watt generator. However, our Internet service provider went down, as well. I had a newsletter ready to go and could have gone to the local diner for wi-fi access but so many of my readers were in Sandy’s path I figured it would be best to skip a week.

To all my friends in New York and New Jersey who were hit hardest: My prayers are with you.


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