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Magill FFL: Techies, Rage Continue to Roll

By Ken Magill

The TowerData Techies and The Return Path Rage extended their winning streaks this week to keep them on solidly top of Divisions 1 and 3, respectively.

TowerData beat Permission Data 90.4 to 60.8, extending the Techies’ winning streak to four in a row. Return Path beat PL Marketing’s Orchard Lake Warrior 125.22 to 76.24, dropping the Warrior’s record to 2-6 and extending Return Path’s winning streak to three in a row.

Return Path’s leading scorer was Indianapolis quarterback Peyton Manning, who put up 28.02 fantasy points.

Both TowerData and Return Path sport impressive records of 7-1.

Meanwhile, e-Dialog’s e-D’s TDs came roaring back this week to score a league-leading 136 points in a lopsided win over Yesmail, snapping a two-game losing streak and allowing e-D’s TDs to hold onto the top spot in Division 2.

Detroit wide receiver Calvin Johnson led e-Dialog’s scoring, putting up 33.1 fantasy points. Kansas City running back Jamaal Charles and Houston running back Arian Foster also contributed mightily to e-Dialog’s win, scoring 28.8 points and 27.7 points, respectively.

Message Systems’ MS Destroyers—also in Division 2—kept pace with e-Dialog this week by beating StrongMail’s Orange Crush 115.92 to 105.04, extending Message Systems’ winning streak to four in a row.

Jacksonville wide receiver Mike Sims Walker was Message Systems’ leading scorer, putting up 26.3 points. Buffalo quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick—who has been on a fantasy tear since replacing Trent Edwards under center—also contributed solidly to Message Systems’ win with 23.22 points.

Both Message Systems and e-Dialog have records of 5-3 in a division very much up for grabs.

Harte-Hanks Heroes managed to keep two games behind The TowerData Techies in Division 1 by beating The Pontiflex DUMBOS 87.36 to 80.6.

Harte Hanks’ record is 5-3.

The DUMBOS’ loss dropped them three games behind The Return Path Rage in Division 3 with a record of 4-4.

The ArcaMax Blasters beat the Spamtacular Bastards 102.02 to 67.7, putting ArcaMax’s record at 3-5 in Division 3 and the Bastards’ record at 2-6 in Division 1.


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