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Magill FFL: TowerData Romps with ... Blake Bortles?

By Ken Magill
Blake Bortles? Who the hell starts Jacksonville quarterback Blake Bortles? Might as well start a guy named Dorky Worky. Don’t hit me, Blake.
Well, the TowerData Validators started Bortles this week, that’s who.
And what a move that was.
Bortles threw for 303 yards and four touchdowns against Tampa Bay, racking up 58.22 fantasy points. The most he had scored previously was 38.62 in week two. According to Yahoo! fantasy statistics, just 25 percent of fantasy managers even have Bortles on their team.
Apparently, TowerData’s team manager saw something 75 percent of Yahoo! fantasy team managers didn’t.
Granted TowerData was kind of backed into a corner. As is always the case in this 14-team league, there’s not a lot on the waiver wires. 
Also, TowerData’s QB roster was pretty thin. What would seem to have been their star quarterback at the beginning of the season, Indianapolis’s Andrew Luck, was out and, frankly, hasn’t been lighting it up this year. Their other quarterback was Chicago’s Jay Cutler, never a comfortable option in fantasy football.
So maybe the decision wasn’t as inspired as it looks from here.
Nonetheless, it paid off. TowerData put up the most points this week, beating Message Systems’ SparkPost Destroyers 197.22 to 118.68.
TowerData’s record is 3-2. Message Systems’ is 1-4.
Meanwhile, the British invasion continues. Adestra’s HMS Victory put up the second-highest point total this week, beating the Doba Drop Shippers—who the hell let a drop shipper in this league?—178.5 to 120.94.
This was Adestra’s third win in a row. HMS Victory has moved from eighth place to second in the league since week three.
Adestra’s record is 4-1. Doba’s is 3-2.
And after wrestling with bye issues last week, Oracle Buys Us All got back in the saddle, beating Yesmail 161.5 to 122.04.
Oracle’s record is 4-1. Yesmail’s is 2-3.
After dropping its first game, WhatCounts’ Count the TDs won its fourth game in a row, beating PL Marketing’s Orchard Lake United 157 to 143.52.
WhatCounts is currently the league’s No. 1 ranked team. Apparently research pays off. According to Yahoo!, WhatCounts’ team manager has read 157 Yahoo! sports articles, and that’s just on Yahoo!.
Question for WhatCounts’ team manager: Do you have a job that you actually do? Or do you just read articles about football all day?
eDataSource’s Off Our mEDS beat last year’s champion Net Atlantic Storm 161.24 to 119.16.
I have been referring to Off Our mEDS so far as Off Our EDS because for the first four weeks of the season, the “m” appeared on my screen as a little blocky thing. I don’t have a little-blocky-thing key on my keyboard so I couldn’t reproduce the team name as it appeared.
eDataSource apparently got in there and changed the little blocky thing to an “m.” Either that or Yahoo!’s system started magically recognizing the “m” for an “m.”
I will be referring to eDataSource’s team correctly as Off Our mEDS properly from now on.
eDataSource’s record is 3-2. Net Atlantic’s is 1-4.
Omeda’s oh My Omeda! handed Epsilon its fifth loss in a row 159.62 to 144.04.
Epsilon went into Monday night on top, but Omeda got more than enough from Pittsburgh quarterback Michael Vick to steal the win.
Omeda’s record is 3-2.
Fluent in Kicking @$$ beat FreshAddress’ SoFresh and SoClean 112.06 to 78.42.
FreshAddress’s team manager managed the team just fine this week. SoFresh and SoClean was projected to score 141.81 and beat Fluent. FreshAddress just suffered from subpar performances across its roster.
It happens.
Fluent’s record is 3-2. FreshAddress’s record is 1-4.

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