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Magill FFL: Two More Lock Playoff Spots

By Ken Magill
As of this week, three of six playoff spots are locked up. Omeda took the first one last week. Responsys and Net Atlantic locked up spots two and three this week.
If the playoffs began this week, Fluent, Yesmail and FreshAddress—a team managed by a guy who would most certainly run a live draft and buy everybody beers and Buffalo wings if he ran this league—would be in.
But the playoffs don’t begin this week. There are two regular season games left.
And without having done any detailed analysis, it looks to me like five teams are still in the hunt for the last three playoff spots.
This is time of year where this league gets fun.
In any case, Omeda’s Oh My Omeda continued its 2014 romp through the league this week, beating Return Path’s RP SPAM ASASSINS 176.34 to 138.52.
Omeda’s record is 10-1.
With a record of 5-6, Return Path is one of the teams still in the hunt for a playoff spot. So this loss had to hurt.
Return Path has two very winnable contests to wrap up the season: Next week against twelfth-place eDataSource’s End-zone Espionage and the following week against the fourteenth-place TowerData Validators, who seem to have stopped managing their team.
It’s far from over, Return Path.
Meanwhile, Responsys’s I Have No Responsys looks to have put Message Systems’ playoff hopes to an end by beating the MS Destroyers 126.46 to 124.8—less than two points. That one had to hurt, as well.
Again, I have not done anything close to a detailed win-loss-scenario analysis, but with a record of 4-7 it looks to me like Message Systems is out. Time to play spoiler, Message Systems.
The Net Atlantic Storm beat TowerData 104.52 to 76.5. TowerData started Dallas quarterback Tony Romo, who was on a bye week.
Net Atlantic’s record is 8-3. TowerData’s is 2-9.
And in an example of how the fantasy football gods like to mock us, last year’s champion, Epsilon, got its third win of the season by scoring the highest point total in the league. Epsilon beat Damandware 205.12 to 119.18. Too little, too late.
Epsilon’s record is 3-8. Demandware’s is 4-7.
Living Social’s LivingSocialites put Yesmail’s playoff hopes on hold for a week by winning 149.4 to 116.38.
That’s how you play spoiler, Living Social.
Yesmail’s record is 7-4, putting it in fifth place. Living Social’s record is 4-7.
Fluent’s Fluent in Kicking @ss beat PL Marketing’s Orchard Lake United 195.02 to 94.78. Fluent is in fourth place with a record of 7-4. PL Marketing seemingly still has a playoff shot with a record of 5-6.
The FreshAddress @men kept their playoff hopes alive by beating eDataSource’s End-zone Espionage 133.98 to 78.92.
FreshAddress is in sixth place with a record of 6-5. eDataSource is in twelfth place with a record of 4-7.
Next week, FreshAddress plays Fluent and Net Atlantic plays Yesmail, meaning at least two of the league’s top six teams—those that would be in the playoffs if they started this week—will come away without wins, maybe all four in the unlikely event of two ties.
Those last three playoff spots are still way up for grabs. 

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