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Magill FFL: Wow! Epsilon Wins Squeaker; Will Face Return Path


By Ken Magill

Epsilon’s Harmony Army went into Monday night needing a total of 26.6 points from Detroit quarterback Matthew Stafford and wide receiver Calvin Johnson to beat the TowerData. Validators

Stafford? Johnson? 26.6 points? No problem, right?

Not so fast. What looked to be a slam dunk turned out not to be so easy.

Epsilon won, eventually. By six tenths of a point.

Meanwhile, the folks at TowerData have to be kicking themselves. They started back-up Minnesota running back Toby Gerhart, who was held out with an injury this week.

But Minnesota’s third-string running back, Matt Asiata, was available on waivers. And he scored three touchdowns.

Moreover, the two running backs on TowerData’s bench, Denver’s Montee Ball and Indianapolis’s Donald Brown, each put up a handful of points.

If TowerData would have done pretty much anything other than start Gerhart, they’d have won.


Like me, the folks at TowerData are Buffalo Bills fans. So also like me, they’re accustomed to saying: “Oh well. Maybe next year.”

Another group that has to be kicking themselves is the folks at NetAtlantic. After being bumped out of the playoffs last week, they scored more points than each of the four teams in the semifinals this week.

If only.

But enough of the what ifs.

After managing a powerhouse team every year and just coming up short, Larry Karipides has finally steered Return Path into its first Magill Report Fantasy Football Championship.

The Spammer Slammers beat Message Systems’ MS Destroyers 153.42 to 115.3.

As a result, this year’s championship is between Epsilon and Return Path.

Interestingly, a co-manager of Epsilon’s Harmony Army is Matt Hart. He managed former email service provider e-Dialog’s team to win the first Magill Report Fantasy Football Championship in 2010.

Currently, Epsilon is projected to win, but the projection can’t take into account any moves the two team managers may make this week.

Either way, it’ll be an honor to present this year’s trophy and regulation-sized Lebanon bologna football to whoever takes it all.

Plus they both have offices in Manhattan so I won’t have to travel far to deliver the goods.

Good luck!


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