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Magill FFL: eDataSource Redeems itself with Week-2 Win

By Ken Magill
eDataSource’s team manager can come out of hiding now.
After leaving a jaw-dropping 157.08 points on the bench and losing to Oracle in week one, eDataSource’s Off Our EDS put up this week’s highest score, beating the TowerData Validators 199.46 to 130.10.
eDataSource benefitted from strong performances at a variety of positions with no single player dominating the scoring—exactly what fantasy team managers hope for.
Both teams’ records are 1-1.
Oracle Buys Us All put up the week’s second highest point total, beating FreshAddress’ SoFresh and SoClean 184.04 to 92.94.
FreshAddress left 131.4 points on its bench. And if that wasn’t ouchy enough, Oracle beat FreshAddress by, among other things, starting New England quarterback Tom Brady who sliced my Buffalo Bills up like a surgeon this week, threw for 466 yards and scored 72.24 fantasy points.
FreshAddress is based in Newton, MA. Brady’s jersey is FreshAddress’s team logo. It could not have been fun watching their team get its ass kicked by their own mascot.
FreshAddress’s record is 1-1. Oracle’s is 2-0.
WhatCounts’ Count the TDs put up their first win of the season, beating last year’s champion Net Atlantic Storm 166.4 to 144.82.
WhatCounts’ record is 1-1. Net Atlantic’s is 0-2. They’re coming for you, Net Atlantic.
Omeda’s oh My Omeda! beat PL Marketing’s Orchard Lake United 153.1 to 147.94. Omeda’s record is 2-0. PL Marketing’s is 1-1.
Fluent’s Fluent in Kicking @$$ squeaked by Message Systems’ Sparkpost Destroyers 148.56 to 146.7.
Fluent’s record is 2-0. Message Systems’ is 0-2.
The Doba Drop Shippers—who let a drop shipper in this league?—got their first win this week, beating Epsilon’s Harmony Army 147.66 to 82.08.
To Doba’s manager’s credit, he had the foresight not to start the Buffalo Bills defense this week. They got shredded.
Yesmail beat Adestra’s HMS Victory 134.24 to 122.44. Both teams’ records are 1-1.

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