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Magill Report 2015 Fantasy Football League is Set!

By Ken Magill
Hey everybody! Magill Report fantasy football is back for its sixth season!
As usual, we’ve got some new teams and some veterans.
Also as usual, the teams will be vying for the much-coveted Magill Report crystal championship trophy and a regulation-sized Lebanon bologna football from Dietrich’s Meats in Krumsville, PA. Mmmm. Mmm.
Delivering that football is one of my favorite activities each year. No one who hasn’t beheld one can truly appreciate the wondrousness that is a Dietrich’s Meats Lebanon bologna football.
As always, if the champion company is located on or near the east coast of the United States above Virginia, I will deliver the spoils personally.
There are 14 teams in this year’s league. Returners include Epsilon, Yesmail, Message Systems, FreshAddress, Fluent, NetAtlantic, Omeda, Oracle, PL Marketing, TowerData and eDataSource.
Newcomers are drop-shipping company, email service provider WhatCounts and U.K. email service provider Adestra.
Can you say: “The British are Coming?!”
I have mixed feelings about that one. It would be fun to watch a bunch of Brits come in and open up a can of whupass on their American counterparts in an American game.
However, I do have an ancestor who had his fife shot out of his mouth during the American Revolution, or the ungrateful colonial uprising, as the Brits may call it.
This year’s defending champion is NetAtlantic. Team manager R.J. Phipps has already vowed to repeat.
However, among those who might have something to say about that vow is Brittany Burke, team manager for Epsilon.
After romping through the league in 2013 and taking it all, Epsilon had a, shall we say, disappointing 2014 season.
Burke is out for revenge.
Actually, so is everyone else who didn’t win the championship last year. Regular contenders Omeda, TowerData and Message Systems will certainly be out to finally close the deal.
As will Yesmail, FreshAddress, Oracle and eDataSource.
Jordan Cohen, who managed Pontiflex to win a championship in 2012, is looking to get that meat football back for his current employer Fluent.
And, of course, the three newcomers will be out to make a splash.
Message to the newcomers: This is a crazy tough league. Each company in it puts their football fanatics in charge of their teams—that strangely quiet guy in IT with the vaguely homicidal look in his remaining eye, for example.
If there is one thing that has been made clear over the years, it’s that anyone can have a good season. Anyone can have a bad season. 
Having a bad season in Magill Report fantasy football is not a negative reflection on the company brand or the team manager. It just sometimes happens. And it can easily happen here.
Team managers will be getting an email invitation shortly. I urge everyone to be creative with their team names. It makes coverage more fun.
Good luck everybody!

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