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Magill Report Business Model Update

By Ken Magill
The good news is recent changes in the Magill Report business model to a content-first, advertising-second platform have worked.
The bad news ... well there isn’t really any bad news. Essentially, content is now my primary source of income and advertising and promotion secondary.
I’ve had enough work roll in that I had to pass on this year’s Email Experience Council conference in Florida. May I always have such problems.
Advertising positions are still available in the Magill Report, just at drastically reduced rates from what they were going for when this newsletter launched. In fact, the lead spot has been sold and a new advertiser will appear there shortly.
One of the advantages of my content-sales strategy is I can get it in front of the right eyeballs—yours.
Also, since I am no longer beholden to advertisers to drive page views on my own site, you will probably start seeing teases in the Magill Report email newsletter linking to posts on clients’ blogs.
With that in mind, I want to make something crystal clear: If my name is on it, I believe it. My writing is for sale. My opinion is not.
So if you see a link from the Magill Report to another company’s blog and a post with my name on it, rest assured the client did not dictate the content.
Basically, I will create a post and if I believe it might be a good one for a client, I will pass it along to them for a “yea” or “nay.” If they decide they don’t want it, I will push it out with the Magill Report newsletter and post it on my site.
If they decide they want it, I will push it out with the newsletter and link to the post on their site. This way, the client gets some high-quality content and the assurance of getting more highly qualified readers than if they simply published it on their own.
I also get the added benefit of exposure to clients’ readers who may not have read my stuff before. Seems like a win-win to me.
Also, though I will not allow clients to dictate the content of bylined articles, I will take topic suggestions from them. Hell, I’ll take topic suggestions from anybody. This newsletter can be a bear to fill.

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