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Magill Report FFL: A Weekend of Squeakers


By Ken Magill

Wow! Three games in the Magill Report Fantasy Football League this week were decided by less than a point.

File the first one under: you can put up a great score and still lose. The Return Path GOLIATHS scored a whopping 137.94 points only to be edged by e-Dialog’s e-D’s TD’s by 0.6. e-Dialog scored the league’s highest point total this week at 138.54.

Both teams’ records are now 1-1.

File the next squeaker under: you can have a very average day and still win. Message Systems’ MS Destroyers scored just 87.46 this week, but it was enough to beat the Marketfish Sharks by 0.86. The Sharks scored 86.6.

Both teams’ records are 1-1.

And in the third fraction-of-a-point game, Responsys’s Always in the Inbox edged out FreshAddress’s @men 93.84 to 93.1, a 0.74 margin. Always in the Inbox’s record is 1-1. The @men’s is 0-2.

In another close game, the eWayDirect Avengers beat Victor Printing’s Browns [who the hell let a printer in the league?] 106.82 to 102.4.

eWay Direct’s record is 2-0. The Browns’ is 1-1.

The rest of the games were, shall we say, not so close.

Moveable Ink’s Inkredibles put a good old-fashioned ass whipping on Living Social’s Illegal Use of Hands 138 to 64.32, beating them by 73.68 points. Put another way, the Inkredibles beat Illegal Use of Hands by more points than Illegal Use of Hands scored.


Wait. What was that? What are you saying? No, I can’t point that out. It’s too mean. You seriously think I should report it? Well, okay.

Even the Inkredibles’ bench outscored Illegal Use of Hands, putting up 67.92 unused points to Illegal Use of Hands’ starters’ 64.32. Big ouch.

The Inkredibles’ record is 2-0. Illegal Use of Hands’ record is 0-2.

The TowerData Validators put a pretty mean stomping on Omeda’a Oh My! Omeda 115.96 to 54.54, beating them by 61.42 points. TowerData also beat Omeda by more points than Omeda scored.

Ouch again.

TowerData’s record is 2-0. Omeda’s is 0-2.

And while PL Marketing’s Lakeland Hawks didn’t beat the NetAtlantic TidalWave by more than they scored, the Hawks did rough them up at 113.26 to 72.54.

PL Marketing’s record is 2-0. NetAtlantic’s is 0-2.

Remember, luck plays a huge part in fantasy football and anyone’s luck can change dramatically on any given weekend. An injury to a star starter can ruin a season. Picking up a sleeper off waivers can turn a season around.

It’s way too early for anyone to feel comfortable or anyone to feel like the season’s out of hand.


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