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Magill Report Fantasy Football 2014 is Set!

By Ken Magill
The fourteen teams for the Magill Report Fantasy Football 2014 season have been awarded and we’ve got the potential for some nice drama.
First, Matt Hart, who co-managed Epsilon’s team to win last year’s championship, has moved on to Demandware.
Demandware has a team this year and Hart will be managing it. His former team co-manager, Brittany Burke, remains at Epsilon and will manage its team this year. Maybe we’ll get to see who was the real brain behind last year’s champion.
Hart also managed e-Dialog to win the first Magill Report Fantasy Football championship in 2010. No doubt he would love to be the first person to win three championships for three different companies.
Another person also has a chance to become the first to manage or co-manage three different teams to win a Magill Report championship.
Jarett Lewis co-managed the Pontiflex DUMBOs with Jordan Cohen to win the 2011 championship. Lewis then moved on to eWayDirect while Cohen moved on to Movable Ink. Lewis then proceeded to beat Cohen in the Magill Report 2012 championship by less than a point.
Cohen and Lewis are now back together at Fluent. They will be managing a team for Fluent in this year’s league. Cohen and Lewis are apparently far more stable in Magill Report Fantasy Football than they are with their employers.
Meanwhile, we have Return Path, TowerData and Message Systems. These three teams are strong year in and year out, have all been so close to a championship they could practically taste the winner’s Lebanon bologna football, but all have come up short.
All three are out for vengeance.
Newcomers this year include Yesmail and eDataSource. For the first time in Magill Report Fantasy Football history we have a team managed from outside the U.S.
Jim Ducharme will be managing the eDataSource team from his home town of Toronto. And, of course, this means I get to bust his chops week in and week out for being a citizen of the country that passed the most dumbassed anti-spam law in the history of the world.
Returning teams include FreshAddress whose manager is still reportedly pissed at me for refusing to run a live draft.
Other returning teams include Omeda, NetAtlantic, PL Marketing and Living Social.
Responsys is also returning but will be playing as Oracle.
Team managers will be getting an invitation email in the next day or so from Yahoo!. 
Please set up your teams as soon as possible so we can set the draft. The regular season starts Sept. 4. I’m thinking Sept. 2 would be a good day to draft.
Good luck, everyone!

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Posted by: Jim
Date: 2014-08-26 18:22:21

If you're going to pick on me Ken, do it because our football has 3 downs! Regards, jim