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Magill Report Fantasy Football: Season Five is Here!

By Ken Magill
Okay Magill Report Fantasy Football players, our fifth season begins Thursday night.
Teams were drafted sometime either last night or this morning (I set the draft to go live yesterday afternoon and then proceeded with Labor Day barbecuing and alcohol consumption).
As the season starts, some things to remember:
If you have a bad season it is not a negative reflection on you or your brand. Stuff happens. The Magill Report Fantasy Football League tends to be hyper-competitive because the companies in it tend to put their football fanatics in charge of their teams.
As a result, you can be really good—as in good enough to stomp the crap out of teams in most fantasy leagues—and still come up short here. Just ask Message Systems, Return Path and TowerData. 
Put another way, I would be scared to play in this league.
So if you find your season tanking this year, don’t hang your head. You’re in a ridiculously tough crowd. 
And whatever you do, do not stop managing your team. Abandoning a team because of a bad season is one of the great crimes of fantasy football. It is unfair to the teams who played you early in the season when you were trying to win.
Likewise, if you get fired or simply change jobs, be a sport and make sure someone at your company can manage your team. Or at least see the team through the end of the season.
A better outlook on a bad season: If you find yourself unlikely to make the playoffs, your role becomes that of spoiler. Take delight in removing good players off waivers so contenders can’t have them. Revel in ruining others’ chances to make the playoffs. Laugh heartily as you throw other teams’ hopes and dreams over a cliff and watch them smash to little pieces on the jagged rocks lining the shores of fantasy football despair.
On another note, I’ve noticed a pattern over the last few years: Winning teams tend to be very active on the waiver wire.
Not always, mind you. Sometimes you can get so lucky in the draft that you can almost put your team on autopilot.
But last year’s champion, Epsilon, was highly active making dozens of moves throughout the season.
Don’t be shy. Work the wire.
Oh, and don’t make me give you the annual Buffalo Bills lecture. As longtime participants know, I am a lifelong suffering Bills fan. I also claim to be pretty successful at fantasy football. And one reason for that success is I play with my head, not my heart. As much as I bleed Buffalo red, white and blue, I rarely start Bills on my fantasy team.
If you start any Buffalo Bills on your team and suffer the predictable consequences, I will loudly point it out.
Lastly, remember what you’re playing for: a 13-inch crystal trophy from Crown Awards and a regulation-sized Lebanon bologna football from Dietrich’s Meats in Krumsville, PA. Mmmm. Mmm.
If the winning team has offices in the Eastern U.S. north of Virginia, I will personally deliver the goods.
Good luck everybody!

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