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Magill FFL '12: Shocker! League Powerhouses Are Out


By Ken Magill

This week just goes to show that once the playoffs are set, anything can happen.

The Magill Report Fantasy Football League’s top two teams were knocked out of the playoffs, leaving Nos. three and five to compete for the championship.

Movable Ink’s Inkredibles beat the Return Path GOLIATHS 128.04 to 97.88 and the eWay Direct Avengers beat the TowerData Validators 132.94 to 98.24.

The Inkredibles benefitted from 26 points from the Arizona Cardinals defense—the league’s highest-scoring defense this week—and 25.2 points from Atlanta wide receiver Julio Jones.

Return Path’s receivers collectively had their worst week of the season, scoring just 13.1 points.

Meanwhile, in beating TowerData, the eWayDirect Avengers got 29.10 points from Houston wide receiver Andre Johnson and 24 from Green Bay wide receiver James Jones.

eWayDirect’s wide receivers collectively had their best week of the season with 74.20 points.

The Avengers have won their last five matchups in a row. TowerData’s loss snapped a six-game win streak. Ouch.

In any case, we’ve got a nice little blood match on our hands.

Both of the team owners in this year’s championship were involved in managing last year’s champion.

Jordan Cohen, manager of the Inkredibles, and Jarett Lewis, manager of the Avengers, were owner and manager, respectively, last season of The Pontiflex DUMBOS.

One of them will take their second Magill Report championship in a row this weekend. The other, of course, will fall into a career-ending alcoholic tailspin. Hey, at least I’ll have company.

Reminder to both managers: There is no Monday Night Football next week because Monday is Christmas Eve. The Monday Night game will be played on Saturday so set your teams accordingly.

Meanwhile, after romping through the league all year and earning first-round playoff byes, Return Path and TowerData are left playing a consolation playoff game for third place.

Note to Return Path and TowerData: What did you do to make God mad?

In a consolation matchup, PL Marketing’s Lakeland Hawks beat FreshAddress’s @men to take fifth place, 126.1 to 109.78.

And from the man-that’s-gotta-hurt file comes news that after failing to make the playoffs, first-year champion e-Dialog’s e-D’s TD’s scored this week’s highest point total by walloping the Marketfish Sharks 146.44 to 81.4.

Also, the couldn’t-catch-a-break-all-year-if-their-lives-depended-on-it NetAtlantic TidalWave beat Omeda’s Oh My! Omeda 130.14 to 80.22.

After putting up such high scores in meaningless post-season games, the folks at NetAtlantic and e-Dialog have to be thinking: “If only.”

Responsys’s Always in the Inbox beat Living Social’s Illegal Use of Hands 79.06 to 69.56.

Yahoo! has projected eWay Direct to score 103.16 in the championship this week and MovableInk to score 98.69. Any roster moves would change that, however.

This truly has been one heck of a season.

Good luck!


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Posted by: Larry Karipides
Date: 2012-12-18 17:55:48
Subject: Return Path Goliaths

Seems as if RP comes up just short each year, looking forward to finally breaking through one of these years!