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Magill FFL: And They're Coming Down the Stretch


By Ken Magill

While the playoff picture is starting to solidify in Divisions 1 and 3, Division 2 is completely up for grabs.

The top two teams in Division 2 lost this week and the third- and fourth-place teams won, putting three out of the five teams just one game out of first place.

Division 2 leader Movable Ink’s Inkredibles lost to Return Path’s GOLIATHS 77.32 to 86.08.

The Inkredibles have lost three of their last four, putting the top spot in their division within reach of three other teams: FreshAddress’s @men, Responsys’s Always in the Inbox and the eWayDirect Avengers. The Inkredibles’ record is 7-4.

Return Path’s record is also 7-4. They occupy third place in Division 1 and currently have a playoff spot.

After a stunning winning streak that took them from bottom feeder to contender, FreshAddress’ @men lost their second game in a row this week to the eWayDirect Avengers 107.46 to 113.98.

Both teams are now part of a three-way tie for second place in Division 2 with records of 6-5.

The third 6-5 team in Division 2 is Responsys’s Always in the Inbox, who beat the NetAtlantic TidalWave 104.5 to 90.52.

The TidalWave’s record is 2-9.

Meanwhile in Division 1, the TowerData Validators won their fourth game in a row this week, overtaking PL Marketing’s Lakeland Hawks for first place in Division 1, though their records are identical at 8-3.

The Validators beat Living Social’s Illegal Use of Hands 106.74 to 64.6.

Living Social is in second place in Division 3 with a record of 5-6.

The Hawks lost to the Marketfish Sharks 74.14 to 92.6. The Sharks have now won their fourth game in a row, solidifying their hold on the top spot in Division 3 with a record of 7-4.

Omeda’s Oh My! Omeda beat Message Systems’ MS Destroyers 95.54 to 59.02. Omeda’s record is 5-6.

Message Systems record is 3-8, putting them out of the playoff hunt.

e-Dialog’s e-D’s TDs beat Victor Printing’s (Who the hell let a printer in this league?) 81.76 to 60.14.

 e-Dialog’s’s record is 5-6.

If the playoffs began this week, TowerData and PL Marketing would have byes, Marketfish would play FreshAddress and Return Path would play Movable Ink.

There are two games left in the regular season.


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