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Marketfish Launches Postal Offering


By Ken Magill

Marketfish, a company that offers self-service email list rental, today announced it is launching self-service postal-address rental.

The three-year-old company represents about 50 list owners with more than 200 million email addresses and offers an automated platform marketers can use to search the files using 93 different selects and compile a list of their preferred target—homeowners in Florida with household incomes of $100,000 or more, for example.

According to Marketfish executives, its postal-address service will operate just like its email address service.

“About half of our list owners’ names will be available at launch and the other half will become available in the next couple months,” said Dave Scott, founder and chief executive of Marketfish. “About 100 million records will be available on day one.”

About two thirds of the names will be business-to-consumer and one third will be business-to-business, he added.

He said at launch, the service won’t have the types of names highly coveted by direct marketers, such as recent catalog purchasers and what they bought, “but we plan to go after those high-quality types of names.”

Just as under Marketfish’s email model, its list owners determine the CPM rates for their postal lists, which can range from $13 to into the hundreds.

Would-be advertisers can also counteroffer, however.

List owners also determine how often their names can be rented.

“We’re launching a new way to rent postal records,” said Scott. “We created the only 100-percent fully self-serve lead-generation platform for list marketing, and it’s been focused primarily on being able to build an email marketing campaign using highly targeted, permission-based lists within 30 minutes,” he continued.

“But that problem is not just in the email community,” he said. “The exact same broken process with list managers and brokers persists in the postal community. A lot of our list owners were asking if we could do the same thing for postal we did for email and now we’ve finally gotten around to launching that service.”

He said where Marketfish’s email rental process is six steps, its postal address rental process is just three.

“You can have your list in under an hour,” he said.

The files on offer at Marketfish include a wide variety of business-to-consumer and business-to-business lists, such as Golfer’s Guide subscribers,’s Wall Street Professionals list and the Facility Management & Maintenance list.


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