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Message Systems Launches Transactional Email Solution

By Ken Magill
Email infrastructure provider Message Systems last week launched SparkPost, a transactional email solution aimed at developers.
According to Message Systems, SparkPost comes with a comprehensive set of application program interfaces, or APIs—applications that allow programs to interact—that allow developers to easily integrate SparkPost into their systems.
Transactional emails are—among other things—receipts, notifications, reminders and updates. As a result, they are often sent by IT rather than by marketing.
The launch of SparkPost—a cloud-based offering—puts Message Systems in direct competition with transactional-email-solution providers SendGrid and MailChimp’s Mandrill.
According to John Caldwell, president of email technology consultancy Red Pill Email, SparkPost offers more scalability, or growth support, than its two main competitors.
“Message Systems solves the scalability issue that SendGrid and Mandrill don’t address, both from a platform and service perspective,” he said.
“Companies that would use this service would be a Pinterest, or a Hoovers or a,” said Steve Dille, senior vice president and chief marketing officer of Message Systems. “We’re not going after the marketing part [of prospects’ businesses] we’re going after the infrastructure part and the transactional part where developers are building you into an application.
“If you look at a lot of companies, they use one vendor for marketing [emails] and another for transactional,” Dille added. “That’s a very common scenario. … We’re a great solution because of the simple API access that we bring to bear lets you connect to your transactional system very easily and get those emails sent… and you’re getting service from a company that is enterprise class.”
SparkPost customers also have access to Message Systems’ Adaptive Email Network, a system it claims automatically analyzes deliverability rules and bounce codes from the various inbox providers and adjusts accordingly.
Message Systems claims it accounts for about 20 percent of the world’s permission based email at 2.5 trillion messages annually.
As a result, according to Message Systems, it can automatically make sending adjustments based on feedback from email inbox providers.
Deliverability is particularly important for transactional messages such as receipts, order confirmations and service notices.
Email messages can bounce for a number of reasons and not necessarily because the address is bad. Message Systems’ Adaptive Email Network automatically reads and processes bounces properly, according to Dille.
The system also automatically adjusts to other rules imposed on senders by ISPs, he said.
For example, different ISPs have different rules on how fast they’ll accept messages and how many simultaneous connections the sender can have, said Dille.
“There’s a lot of complexity in knowing how to get email through an ISP,” he said in a September interview. “We have a lot of [data] access to understand what’s really going on out there. We put all of this information together in the Adaptive Email Network that will enable our customers to comply with all of these ISP sending rules and bounce classifications.”

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Posted by: Paul
Date: 2016-03-25 16:21:51

SparkPost is a new Scammer in the place of Email Marketing.

They canceled our account only 48 hours after payment claiming that our complaint rate was too high.

Out of 27.000 emails sent, we had 150 bounces = 0.5% which is a very low bounce rate in any given industry. (we have made a screenshot showing these data).

The way they communicate with us is like a Police Investigation, or even worst since they assume clearly that you are guilty!

On Top of this, You can see on the Home Page of their website that they use very poor Marketing Pratices : Welcome Mandrill Customers! Here’s your migration guide. They want to take over the customers of Mandrill, their main competitor, with agressive Marketing.

Don't be fooled by their low prices, there is NO service behind, and they use scammer practices