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Message Systems Names Cloud Business SparkPost

By Ken Magill
Email infrastructure provider Message Systems announced today it is naming its cloud-based transactional email business SparkPost.
“For purposes of our cloud business, which has taken off beyond our expectations, we’ll be using SparkPost as the company name,” said Phillip Merrick, CEO of Message Systems. “Our new customers coming to us in the cloud will know us as SparkPost, but we have a tremendous number of loyal customers who use our on-premise products and we want to emphasize that there is nothing changing for them.”
Momentum and Power MTA users “have been used to dealing with Message Systems and they can continue to use that name,” he said. “We wanted to maintain continuity for our customers who use our on-premise products.”
Merrick said the adoption of the name SparkPost for Message Systems’ cloud business was to clear up some confusion among prospects and customers.

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