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Movable Ink Launches Email Marketing Platform


By Ken Magill

Dynamic email content enabler Movable Ink has launched a new marketing platform, the company announced yesterday.

New-York-City-based Movable Ink allows marketers to serve dynamic content in email messages based on when the message is opened, where and other variables.

Dubbed agileEMAIL, the new platform is designed to integrate with any email deployment service or infrastructure, according to Movable Ink.

“agileEMAIL drives significant increases in email marketing campaign productivity and performance through its unique workflow and content creation tools, powerful testing, targeting, and personalization capabilities, and an advanced analytics suite,” the company stated in a press release.

According to Movable Ink, the platform’s Workflow module enables marketers to import designs and convert them into HTML email templates within minutes The company claims its platform shaves off up to 75 percent of usual email coding production hours.
agileEMAIL also allows marketers to embed dynamic content within email, according to Movable Ink.
The platform includes an Action module that enables automated content split tests, real-time geo-targeting, device-targeting, and time-based targeting, and individual-level personalization, according to Movable Ink.
The platform also offers an Insights module that Movable Ink claims goes beyond measuring opens and clicks to reporting metrics such as cross-channel conversion tracking.

Companies using agileEMAIL include Radio Shack, Finish Line and Time, Inc., according to Movable Ink.


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