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Movable Ink Signs Lilly Pulitzer


Movable Ink today announced it has signed an agreement to provide its services to Lilly Pulitzer.

New-York-City-based Movable Ink allows marketers to serve dynamic content in email messages based on when the message is opened, where and other variables.

Lilly Pulitzer markets and distributes dresses, sportswear and other products based on the Palm Beach Resort lifestyle.

The Lilly Pulitzer brand came to being in the 60s after its namesake opened a juice stand had some dresses made from colorful cotton to hide the stains on her clothing that resulted from making the juice. The dresses became a sensation after Pulitzer’s school friend, Jackie Kennedy, was photographed wearing one on vacation.

In 1984, Lilly Pulitzer closed shop. The brand was revived in 1993.

Lilly Pulitzer is using Movable Ink’s technology to display email content that is personalized and optimized on the fly, according to a release. With Movable Ink’s technology, email marketing content and images can be changed in real-time based on when, where, and how each recipient opens the email, and take into account factors such as time, location, device, and other contextual data, the release said.

“Movable Ink’s technology is making our emails more compelling than ever,” said Michelle Kelly, senior vice president, merchandising, marketing & retail at Lilly Pulitzer, in a statement. “A recent campaign that showed the minutes ticking away to take advantage of a special sale drove more than triple the amount of anticipated traffic to our website.”

In addition to time-based promotions, Lilly Pulitzer has deployed device-targeting technology that automatically displays optimized email content based on whether recipients open their messages on desktops, tablets, or smartphones, according to the release.

Lilly Pulitzer plans to further enhance its email campaigns with other Movable Ink applications including real-time creative optimization and the inclusion of local maps pointing customers to its retail locations and mall storefronts, the release said.



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