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Net Atlantic Debuts Sender Rewards Program

By Ken Magill
In an effort to get its clients to place more focus on best practices, email service provider Net Atlantic has launched a Sender Rewards Program that offers monthly discounts to clients based on their campaigns’ opens and clicks.
The program is an effort to get clients focused on raising opens and clicks, two so-called engagement metrics. 
Engagement is one of the areas email inbox providers scrutinize to determine whether to deliver incoming messages to recipients’ inboxes, divert it to their spam folders or block it altogether.
Commercial email marketers with large lists containing a high percentage of inactive addresses run a risk of having their messages diverted into recipients’ spam folders or blocked.
How inactive an email marketer’s list must be in order for their deliverability to start to suffer differs from inbox provider to inbox provider. Gmail, for example, is considered to be relatively strict.
Net Atlantic’s Sender Rewards Program aims to give clients an incentive to work on limiting inactivity and raising the engagement of their email programs’ subscribers.
Under the program, participating clients will get percentage discounts on their invoices—up to 40 percent—based on the combined percentage of opens and unique clicks of the previous month’s mailings.
The program is open to new clients and current clients who aren’t already getting a discounted rate.
“If we help our customers become better senders, their lists grow and it benefits us as an email service provider,” said Tara Kelley, marketing manager, Net Atlantic.
Under the program, Net Atlantic combines the unique click-through percentage and open percentage of the participating client’s email program for a given month and gives the combined percentage as a discount that will appear on the following month’s invoice up to 40 percent.
“If you earn, say, an aggregate total of 20 percent in June, you’ll have a 20 percent discount your July invoice,” said Barbara DiMambro, operations manager, Net Atlantic.
Net Atlantic rolled out the program last week. 
“What’s nice about this program is it’s in the client’s control,” said DiMambro. “It’s up to them and their activity to determine what kind of reward they’ll earn.”
Added Wesley Owen, vice president, technology and strategy, Net Atlantic: “On the heels of ISPs looking at engagement for inbox placement, we wanted to attract high-quality senders and reward senders that are doing well. If clients want to improve their engagement, we can help them do that.”

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