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New ESP Making Questionable Claims


By Ken Magill

A new email service provider has launched claiming it can improve clients’ delivery, open and click-through rates.

Dubbed Get To Inbox, the company claimed in a press release yesterday:

“Get To Inbox is now offering their unique powerhouse platform to marketers who are frustrated with low levels of inbox access, low rates of opens and click-through, and who want to spend less and produce more.”

Then there’s this:

"Our clients can have confidence that their emails will reach their target list and get higher open and click thru rates, because Get To Inbox builds and delivers their campaigns with our unequalled power technologies."

Thing is, as most email marketing professionals know, most of the levers that affect delivery and opens are out of the ESP’s control.

Get To Inbox’s technology and client counseling may be stunningly good, but neither can do anything to turn the graphics on in recipients’ inboxes to drive open rates up.

Likewise, assuming the ESP is buttoned up technologically, deliverability is largely determined by the quality of the clients’ lists—how the names were gathered apparently being one of the biggest factors.

As for driving up clicks, ESPs can and do offer optimization tools that can help drive higher clicks—Silverpop’s send-time optimization tool and Epsilon’s email response network for two examples—but Get To Inbox doesn’t tout optimization, it touts power.

I sent an email to Get To Inbox yesterday asking them to justify their claims. I haven’t heard back yet. If I do, I’ll follow up.


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Posted by: Chris John
Date: 2013-03-05 15:38:27
Subject: Outrageous Claims

Ken, I would agree with you. Working for a company that sends millions of emails a day the #1 factor effecting delivery and inbox placement is the quality of the list and the engagement factor of the content. If people like it it will show up in the Inbox. If they don't, it won't. I'm sure Get To Inbox can help improve some of those elements but, it isn't their power technology that makes the difference.
Posted by: JMac
Date: 2013-02-28 00:35:28
Subject: Are you kidding?

ESPs have the holy grail of data to drive up clicks. Wish I had it.