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By Ken Magill

Does marketing really need another trade publication? David Daniels, CEO and co-founder of The Relevancy Group thinks so.

Earlier this month Daniels released the first issue of The Marketer Quarterly, “the digital magazine to guide marketers through our connected society.”

“One mission of the publication is to provide information from the marketer’s voice,” said Daniels. “While we see other publications doing case studies … we really try to explore other features in the day in the life of a chief marketing officer, not just what they’re doing in the office, but how they balance their home and work life.

“We really want the magazine to be from the marketer’s perspective,” he added.

Previously an analyst with JupiterResearch and Forrester Research, Daniels struck out on his own in 2010 to launch email consultancy The Relevancy Group.

Besides consulting, The Relevancy Group also produces surveys and research reports, the contents of which will provide fodder for the magazine.

“We want to share quantifiable marketing data,” Daniels said. “We do a lot of research that we give away. Part of the objective of the magazine is to heighten the awareness of that.”

When asked how he plans to keep a quarterly publication relevant—excuse the pun—Daniels said he plans to release an app that will allow subscribers to receive updates on the magazine content.

Also, he said, while the market moves quickly, there’s a huge divide between the innovation available to marketers and their adoption of the tools available to them.

Marketer Quarterly will address those issues, he said.

He added Marketer Quaterly’s content will be high-level and strategic and an extension of what the Relevancy Group already does.

Daniels said he plans to build circulation by partnering with trade associations and making the content available to their members.

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