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New Questionable List Firm Appears


By Ken Magill

And yet another shady company offering email lists for sale has surfaced and this time its ties to India are irrefutable.

There is also evidence that this is another firm related to Data Champions/Sloan Marketing, an India-based outfit that has operated under dozens of aliases, including EmailAppenders, which has been accused by multiple marketers of ripping them off.

A Magill Report reader last week received an email from someone purporting himself to be Dave Daniels from Wincon Solutions—the representative’s name being highly ironic, given that David Daniels is arguably email marketing’s most well known analyst.

“My name is Dave Daniels and was curious to know if you have any email marketing or Email lists requirement for your company,” the message said. “Wincon Solutions LLC being a multichannel service company specialized in B2B lists, Direct Marketing Lists, Consumer Lists, Telemarketing, Email Lists, Fax Lists, etc.”

The tortured grammar in the above quote is reproduced from Daniels’ email exactly.

I contacted Daniels using my favorite fictional name—Shuvitt Inyurass—and its Yahoo! email address, and asked for a quote:

“Hello Dave,” my message said.
“I would like a quote on an email list of marketing executives, please.
“I am in a B2B vertical that aims to change their paradigm to one of great synergy.
“Thank You
“Shuvitt Inyurass”

Daniels responded almost immediately, offering me 200,000-plus email addresses of marketing executives for perpetual use for $3,000.

No legitimate company offers lists of email addresses for unlimited use, and $3,000 is an alarmingly low price. It works out to $15 per thousand addresses.

According to list broker/manager Worldata, the average cost-per-thousand addresses for a permission-based email list of medium- to large-sized business contacts is $273.

Using Worldata’s pricing, a list of 200,000 email addresses—for one-time access in a mailing sent from the list owner’s servers, mind you—would go for more like $54,000.

When asked by Shuvitt Inyurass how his firm builds its email lists, Daniels responded with the following:


“We have an In-House data pool of 30 Million records which is constantly cleansed every quarter. We also gather, cleanse and manage our data from a variety of sources like public records, title companies, DBA filings and tax liens or judgments, to yellow pages,

“Wincon Solutions has the most comprehensive data in the industry. We have a data team of 300+ members who update all the records in the database every quarter. We also gather data from third party companies and associations that have received opt-in information from the business and individuals across the globe. All the records in our database are opt-in records. This process is obtained through a subscription management and confirmation process. We also build data and verify these records manually to ensure high quality and also to seek permission from the recipients.”

Wincon Solutions may be related to Data Champions/Sloan Marketing.

Antispam outfit Spamhaus has a sample email from Wincon Solutions included in its information for Data Champions/Sloan Marketing, indicating that the folks behind Spamhaus believe Wincon Solutions is related to Data Champions/Sloan Marketing.

Also, copy on Wincon Solutions “B2B & B2C Services” page includes the following sentence: “With our team of over 350 Data Champions, We can build Custom lists for you within weeks.”

If Wincon Solutions has no connection to Data Champions/Sloan Marketing, the preceding sentence’s word choice is a pretty stunning coincidence.

If nothing else, there is proof Wincon Solutions at least has ties to Bangalore, India, where Data Champions is located.

A link at the bottom of Wincon Solutions’ home page—warning: clicking on the Wincon link results in an incredibly annoying, loud music loop—says it is copyrighted by NRM Info Solutions. Clicking on the link brings up NRM’s home page on which it says it is based in Bangalore, India.

Like other sites that are seemingly linked to Data Champions/Sloan Marketing, Wincon’s site offers no information on its executive team.


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Posted by: Amanda H
Date: 2017-11-10 09:04:08
Subject: Completely Fake

Not only is this company fake. I have filed mail fraud claims on this company twice now. They are using my home address in Clearwater FL as an alternate company address.
I am hoping the authorities get whatever they need to prosecute the company and “Mr Quo” soon.
Posted by: Ahmed Amin
Date: 2017-09-11 13:36:01
Subject: Browse Contacts

Now they are registered as Browse Contacts .
They are completely fake . They are operating from India and not located on Delaware as they claim. I had very very bad and painful experience . All of them are fake and and all contacts are garbage . Please dont waste your money .
Posted by: John Smith
Date: 2011-10-27 20:52:47

A few months later (it's October now) , the web site at no longer exists. However, is still alive. Their address (3524 Silverside Road, Suite 35B l Wilmington, DE) is also used in B2B spam from other related spam/scam addresses like, Bernadette Cobb (, /, and (Web Intellectuals)
Posted by: Carl Mason
Date: 2011-06-07 12:03:11
Subject: @ Alan

Alan, I do understand your hesitation going with this company. And i had it too. But i did a small purchase to test the quality. That was the good quality data so i purchase the large volume and had great success. They just give us the records as per our target market and said the result is completely depend on us. There are more factors like how we do email campaign, how we approach our clients, templates on the campaign etc. I can get up to 5 million records for $24K and they said the pricing also depends on the criteria. If it is a niche market, they would charge you more.
Posted by: Alan Wang
Date: 2011-06-02 20:59:43
Subject: Thanks, Carl.

Thanks for a different voice, Carl. I actually called them this morning (to the number from their web site). A gentleman with heavy Indian accent answered the phone and claim to be Dave Daniel did confirm that they outsource their business to India. He further indicated 40% of their customer are happy, even though they can't really do too much with the unhappy ones because they only sell leads not sales. He also claimed a couple of times that they have been in business in Delaware for 10 years. I told them about this article and their BBB rating (an 'F' due to non-response). He really does not have too much to say other than ""what can I do?" I offer them ideas like have positive testimonials like yours in their site or counter commenting on negative articles, again, like what you just did, and he thanked me. If you do not mind telling us, for $24K/per, roughly how many leads/emails you would get from them? Are they all U.S leads? How are they doing in terms of targeted group? Many thanks ahead.
Posted by: Carl Mason
Date: 2011-06-02 15:06:23
Subject: Wincon Solutions

I have used Wincon Solutions, for my marketing purpose. I have paid $6,000 and got a good ROI. It is not a scam company. I repeatedly purchasing data every Quarter.
Posted by: Alan Wang
Date: 2011-06-02 15:02:30
Subject: Any good direct marketing data sources?

Our China-based company is considering expanding to the US and was approached by Wincon. Thanks to your insights in this article and we now know better. On the other hand, would you or your audience recommend any _good_ source of direct marketing leads? Any pointers are welcome.
Posted by: Catherine
Date: 2011-05-31 15:52:20
Subject: Wincon Solutions

This company is very suspicious. I asked the "director of business development" to quote a list and, as Ken wrote: No legitimate company offers lists of email addresses for unlimited use, and $3,000 is an alarmingly low price. And their website STINKS!
Posted by: Andy Goode
Date: 2011-05-25 12:11:06
Subject: Wincon Solutions

Gave them $1000. They took the money and ran. False list, phoney results. I wouldn't classify them as a spammer, just a total fraud. That is my experience with them
Posted by:
Date: 2011-02-22 13:55:30