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Notes from Atlanta: A Piano's ROI?


By Ken Magill

Some random thoughts and ideas gleaned from Silverpop’s client summit in Atlanta last week:

Abandoned-Cart Emails Really Work

If your site has a shopping cart and doesn’t have an abandoned-cart email strategy, implement one … now.

Library supplies firm DEMCO recently implemented a three-email abandoned-cart program in which messages go out one, three and five days after a cart is abandoned. The results: abandoned cart emails convert at an average 20 percent and deliver 97 times the revenue per thousand messages than regular promotional emails.

According to Lisa Moling, CRM/e-marketing planner for DEMCO, she barely had to involve IT to get the program running—we all know how painful those interactions can be—and the program is now on auto-pilot.

She had a bunch of other cool numbers and agreed to an interview with The Magill Report. I’ll have a more in-depth case study soon—hopefully next week.

Quote of the week

“To all you marketers trying to figure out social media’s ROI: What’s a piano’s ROI to me? Nothing, because I can’t play it. What’s a piano’s ROI to Elton John? Huge!” –serial entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk during his entertaining, insightful and—as always—profanity-laced keynote speech.

Call unsubscribes? Really?

Vaynerchuk also said employees at his wine-selling venture,, personally call people who unsubscribe from WineLibrary’s email list. According to Vaynerchuk, 40 percent of those contacted resubscribe and 70 percent of the people who resubscribe spend more money than they did before they unsubscribed.

Hiring Advice

Vaynerchuk’s advice for finding the right employees: “Fire fast. You have no idea how people are going to do, so fire fast.”

Mobile Advice

From Jay Jhun, director of email services, Enguage, and Justine Jordan, marketing director, Litmus, in a presentation on designing email to render properly on mobile devices: Design emails to render on mobile devices first. If they render on smart phones, they’ll render on the desktop. One column. Big links. “Design for the finger.”

“Most marketers aren’t designing any of their email well, much less for mobile,” said Jordan.

Magill Report readers would be an exception, though, right? Right?

Who knew Silverpop was so big?

Silverpop has around 1,400 clients. According to CEO Bill Nussey, in 2010 the company sent 20,280,989,405 email messages on behalf of those clients.

Some personal notes

If I lived in Georgia, southern food would kill me. But I’d die really happy … and a lot fatter.

I have always said if you could combine southern hospitality with Manhattan efficiency in a restaurant, you’d have wait-staff perfection. Atlanta has it. Mary Mac’s Tea Room is a must.

Lastly, the Georgia Aquarium—the largest in the world and the only one with whale sharks—is absolutely breathtaking. The crabs and lobsters made me want to go get a steam pot and some butter.


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