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Oh, Well. Twitter Experiment Ends


By Ken Magill

While The Magill Report’s Twitter experiment—where I try and get content by Tweeting questions—hasn’t been a complete flop, it also hasn’t gained enough steam for it to be worthwhile to continue.

Last week’s question: “What’s the most embarrassing thing you’ve ever done at work?” drew just two responses.

Granted, they were good responses, but two answers to a question that could be answered easily by every single one of The Magill Report’s 900-plus Twitter followers just aren’t enough.

In any case, our first story of corporate embarrassment comes from Mark Vogel, president of Vogel Marketing Solutions:

“Approximately 15 years ago, I was general manager of an ad agency that was a division of a rather conservative company in the insurance industry.

“Our agency team was meeting in the board room with top level execs from the parent company, regarding strategic use of ad specialties. One person mentioned about creating a calendar with photos of the clients for each month.

“So I thought I’d be real funny and say “I know, let’s get all the female execs of our company to pose and call the calendar “The Babes of Parent Company Name.” 

“Ten pairs of eyes all focused on me. Unblinking. Dead silent. I felt as if my face was literally on fire. Finally the CEO broke the silence and said: ‘Well, I’m glad I didn’t say that. Let’s move on.’

“I still cringe all these years later.”

Yep, and we’re cringing for you, Mark. We have all been there.

Next up is Stephanie Miller, vice president of digital messaging for Aprimo:

“The most embarrassing thing I've done (one of them) was bump my head on the underside of the podium trying to plug in my laptop prior to a speech. Wack! And it hurt.

“About 150 people tried to listen to me while a dribble of blood ran down my forehead and cheek.

“Finally, I felt it, brushed at it and, of course, my hand came back bloody. I stopped, looked out and said, ‘Oh Lord, how long has THAT been going on?’

“Laughter broke the tension and we moved on. I think someone made a joke about how far I'd go for the business or something. Luckily, someone gave me a tissue.”

I believe that’s called “taking one for the team.”

Thanks for the stories, Mark and Stephanie. And with that, The Magill Report Twitter experiment officially ends.


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