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Only Influencers Launches New Forums


By Ken Magill

Only Influencers—entrepreneur Bill McCloskey’s invitation-only discussion network for digital marketers—has launched three new forums: Startup, a community for entrepreneurs, Graphics, a forum for designers and Real Estate Pros, a discussion group for realtors.

Like Only Influencers, the new forums are exclusive.

And like Only Influencers, they are intended to be places where similarly situated professionals can discuss issues important to them with peers and get fast, accurate advice when they need it.

According to McCloskey, the first 100 members of each new group will get free membership for life. The cost for everyone else will be $200 a year or $20 a month.

“They have to be approved,” said McCloskey. “So far, I’ve rejected at least 50 percent of the people who have applied.”

For example, he said, some applicants to Startup have been rejected simply because they aren’t really entrepreneurs.

“If someone is in biz dev [business development] and they’re just looking for a lot of contacts, they get eliminated,” he said. “If you have no LinkedIn profile and it looks like you’re in sales or biz dev and I’ve never heard of your company, chances are you’re not going to get through.

“With the first hundred people, I’m trying to create a great core list of people that post and talk, and then we’ll grow it from there,” he said.

He said Startup and Graphics so far seem to be getting some traction but Real Estate Pro is struggling.

“It seemed like a good idea but realtors don’t really chat so we may drop that one,” he said.

Anyone interested in applying to any of the forums under the Only Influencers brand can do so here.


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