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Outward Media Debuts 'Clean-Send' Database


By Ken Magill

Database marketing services provider Outward Media last week unveiled “Clean-Send,” a database it claims contains about 300 million email addresses to which marketers should not attempt to send email.

“The database consists of spam-traps, hard bounces, bad syntax, and known complainers – a total of 13 different negative or bad email data categories,” according to a release published by Los Angeles-based Outward Media.

The service is an internal suppression file—a database used to strip out addresses that should not be mailed—Outward Media built and maintains in the course of its business, which includes email append services.

“We had been using it for our own purposes,” said Paula Chiocchi, president of Outward Media. “We had it. We just hadn’t productized it.”

After she helped a client company clean up its database with the suppression file, the idea for a new revenue stream was born, she said.

For a monthly fee, Outward Media will deliver the whole file and then monthly updates thereafter, said Chiocchi. The file grows by about 8 million records a month, she added.

She conceded the service can’t possibly catch every spam trap because many are closely guarded secrets and new ones are constantly sprouting up, but said it’s a good start.

“You’re never going to get 100 percent of the negative email data, but at least it’s a baseline or a place to start,” said Chiocchi

The service is similar to an offering announced recently by email append company FreshAddress: SafetoSend.


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Posted by: Nancy Arter
Date: 2012-05-10 14:35:58
Subject: Comment from OMI

Oops . . . my name didn't show up with my comment below.
Posted by:
Date: 2012-05-10 14:35:02

Hi David, Unfortunately, as part of validating our email data prior to delivering data to our Clients, we received an SBL listing. We completely re-validate our entire consumer database every 45-60 days. We believe that this is the best way to help our Clients email to active consumers (where the message will be seen) and do so in a way that helps to protect their sender reputation. As a side note, we know several firms within the Fortune 500 have also received an SBL listing. Those that we have talked with that have received this listing were following the requirements of CAN SPAM, as well as best practices in direct marketing principles. Obviously, Spamhaus is against email appending (per your comment below). We disagree with this stance. The email channel is one of the direct marketing channels that marketers can use for an integrated, multi-channel marketing approach. We have found this approach to be highly effective for our Clients as well as in our own marketing efforts. We will continue to provide the market with high quality data and services that allow marketers to build loyalty with their customer base, as well as to grow their businesses by attracting new prospects to their companies.
Posted by: David Romerstein
Date: 2012-05-09 09:06:22

You do know that Outward Media has an SBL listing for e-pending, right?