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64% Own Smart Phones; For 7%, It's their Only Net Access: Pew

By Ken Magill
Sixty four percent of American adults own smart phones, up from 35 percent in 2011, according to the Pew Internet and American Life Project.
Seven percent own smart phones and have no other easily available alternative for going online, the Pew Project reported.
What is more, 10 percent of Americans own smart phones and do not have high-speed Internet access at home beyond their phone’s data plan, the Pew Project reported.
Smart phone-dependent adults tend to be young, have low household incomes, low levels of educational attainment and tend to be non-white, the Pew Project reported.
“Compared with smart phone owners who are less reliant on their mobile devices, these smart phone-dependent users are less likely to own some other type of computing device, less likely to have a bank account, less likely to be covered by health insurance, and more likely to rent or to live with a friend or family member rather than own their own home,” the report said.
Forty eight percent of smart phone-dependent adults said they have had to shut their service off because of financial hardship, the study said.
Thirty percent said they frequently reach their data limits and 51 percent said they reach their limits occasionally, according to the report.
“Each of these figures is substantially higher than those reported by smart phone owners with more access options at their disposal,” the report said.
In other findings, according to the Pew Project:
62 percent of smart phone owners have used their phone in the past year to look up information about a health condition.
57 percent have used their phone to do online banking.
44 percent have used their phone to look upreal estate listings or other information about a place to live.
43 percent to look up information about a job.
40 percent to look up government services or information.
30 percent to take a class or get educational content.
18 percent to submit a job application.

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