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Please Get Out of My Face


By Ken Magill

I just had the living bejesus scared out of me by a website. No, it wasn’t some conspiracy-theory blog outlining the government’s plan to confiscate my vodka.

It was a website where an ad automatically loaded with full audio.

I had apparently earlier watched a video that required me to turn up the volume. I then visited to read a report on how much Americans trust the news media.

The site loaded and BLAM! My speakers began blaring a Scott Rasmussen introduction to an interview he was about to do with Sen. Rand Paul.

And when I say blaring, I mean holy-shit jump-out-of-your-chair blaring.

Folks, I can’t be the only one who is sick to death of websites automatically loading video with the audio turned on.

You know what else I’m sick of? I’m sick of beginning to read an article and then the ad above it expands driving the copy downward. Then just as I adjust, the ad collapses driving the copy back up and forcing me to adjust again.

I’m also tired of being unable to navigate a web page until it loads 57 different animated elements and 14 different social media icons.

Know what else I’ve begun to hate? Undertone. That company is in my face nine times a day with takeover advertising.

Then there’s GameStop. I mostly love GameStop. Its retail employees are amazing. They’re all gamers. They’re friendly, knowledgeable and great at telling you what games you’re likely to love and what you’re likely to hate.

However, ever since having downloaded a game to the computer I’m working on right now, GameStop has been in my face with a pop-up—every … friggin … day.

Message to GameStop: I’m one of your best customers. I recently turned in a rewards-points coupon that your employees marveled at because they had never seen one so large before.

“I knew they existed,” said one clerk glancing from me to my son with thinly veiled envy. “I just never saw one before.”

If I whipped out adoption papers, I believe that clerk would have signed them right then and there.

I do not want to know how much I spent in GameStop to earn that coupon. I also don’t want GameStop in my face every day with a pop-up on my computer.

And please don’t mistake me for the old guy shaking his fist at the newfangled Internet.

I am arguably marketing and advertising’s most unapologetic, ardent defender.

Advertising in an attempt to drive voluntary, value-for-value transactions between private entities is an essential part of a society that values individual liberty.

But if I’ve had it with how disruptive, loud and in-your-face advertising has made my Internet experience, imagine how the average consumer feels.


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Posted by: Justin Khoo
Date: 2013-04-09 16:00:24
Subject: auto play audio

Oh yes, the dreaded auto-play with audio. I'm like to open a gazillion tabs on my browser and whenever one of the ads start playing sound it drives me crazy trying to find which of the sites is the culprit. Its amazing email marketing seems to get a bad rap even though the legitimate players thread on eggshells, yet well known websites think nothing of employing super interruptive, often annoying ads.
Posted by: Stefanie Pont
Date: 2013-04-09 12:28:53
Subject: The Blaring, the blaring