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Pontiflex Launches Self-Service Mobile Ad Platform


By Ken Magill

Mobile ad signup firm Pontiflex announced today it has launched a self-service, cost-per-lead version of its platform called AdLeads.

Pontiflex sponsors more than 1,000 mobile apps, from games to utilities to music with full-screen ads served interstiti​ally—meaning between page loads—or before the applications launch.

Pontiflex does not place clients’ ads in the annoying banners that tend to get in the way of game play.

With AdLeads, businesses can run geo-targeted mobile signup advertising campaigns on iPhone, iPad and Android devices, according to Pontiflex.

Marketers using AdLeads can select the type of offer they want to employ, specify how much they want to spend, design the creative, choose what information they want from respondents, such as name, address, phone number and email address, and launch the campaign.

AdLeads advertisers pay only when people sign up for their offers, according to Pontiflex.

Zephrin Lasker, CEO and co-founder of Pontiflex, claims the service is unique.

“If you’ll excuse a little hyperbole, I don’t think anyone else has built a geo-targeted, self-service mobile offering,” said Lasker.

Once AdLeads users put in a budget and the other specifics, the system uses historical data to estimate how many leads they’re likely to get and how much each one will cost.

Naturally, as the marketer requests more fields to be filled out by respondents, the cost per lead goes up because Pontiflex will have to serve more ads to get the more detailed leads.

Lasker said the company may offer more targeting possibilities, such as demographics, at some point, “but right now we’re trying to keep it simple. We have all kinds of data on what ads work on what apps.”

Since the beta launch of AdLeads, more than 300 businesses and agencies have adopted the platform, according to Pontiflex. These companies include Allurez, Sickweather, One Click Ventures, The DUMBO Improvement District, Paper Hat Press and Nita Nita.


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