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Pontiflex Unveils Social-Media Email Service


By Ken Magill

Pontiflex has added an automatic social-sharing feature to its mobile email-subscriber acquisition service AdLeads, it was announced today.

Pontiflex sponsors more than 1,000 mobile apps, from games to utilities to music with full-screen ads served interstitially—meaning between page loads—or before the applications launch.

With AdLeads, businesses can run geo-targeted mobile signup advertising campaigns on iPhone, iPad and Android devices, according to Pontiflex.

With the addition of Social FollowUp, businesses using AdLeads can choose to have their social-media content automatically forwarded to people who have supplied their email addresses.

The idea behind Social FollowUp is to help clients engage newly acquired email subscribers without having to invest time and resources many businesses lack.

“Email addresses are only as good as what you do with them,” said Zephrin Lasker, CEO and co-founder, Pontiflex. “Some companies are really good at engaging their signups, but the reality is a lot of companies—particularly small businesses—don’t know what to do with them. They either sit on signups too long or when they email, they don’t have the expertise to have a strong program.”

Currently, the plan is for automatic social-content emails to go out once a week, Lasker said.

“Obviously, we didn’t want to create something that goes out every time someone tweets,” he said.

For now, the service is free, said Lasker. “At some point we may try and figure out an economic model around it if it makes sense. But our goal is to make our customers as happy as possible with new signups.”

And getting new signups engaged with clients’ brands without requiring extra effort will help accomplish that goal, he said.

Pontiflex will activate Social FollowUp for customers who request it, Lasker said.

“It’s also very easy to turn off,” he added.


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