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Red Pill Unveils New Vendor Guide


By Ken Magill

Email marketing consultancy Red Pill Email has unveiled the newest version of its Email Marketing Vendors Features and Functions Guide, a comprehensive view of the features and functions of 45 email service providers.

This year’s guide, Red Pill's third, includes vendors from North America and Europe.

“In 2013 we hope to expand that out to South America and Asia,” said John Caldwell, founder of Red Pill Email, a consultancy that specializes in the tactical and technical aspects of email.

To get the most out of the guide, it helps to be technologically savvy, but technological know-how isn’t a must, he said.

“A technologically savvy person will lap this up, but a novice will get something out of it, too,” he said.

To create the guide, Red Pill surveyed 45 email marketing vendors with 300 questions. Additions to this year’s survey were what verticals the service providers tend to specialize in and what skill level a prospective customer should have in order to use its services.

“This is all self declared by the vendors,” Caldwell said.

The guide details the various participants’ pricing options, such as whether they offer flat rates, tiered pricing, CPM-based pricing and free trials.

“The most common pricing model of full-service vendors is CPM on a term contract with tiered rates,” the report states. “Flat-rate pricing is available from more than half of the full-service providers, and a little less than a third off a free product trial.”

The guide also details which of the participating vendors offer creative, production, technical and strategic services.

It also covers how much control the vendors give their customers over their data and how easy the data functions are to use.

The guide also covers vendors’ list-hygiene and deliverability services, dynamic content offerings, testing and reporting capabilities and who offers pre-configured versions of popular email programs such as abandoned-order emails.

The guide comprehensively scores how easy the each of the vendors’ various offerings are to use.

In each of the categories, the guide breaks the vendors out into small-market, mid-market and enterprise companies.

The full 173-page report costs $500. Red Pill also offers a small-market version focusing on 17 of the appropriate vendors for $150, said Caldwell.

A free version of the guide is available here.

Buy the full report here.


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Posted by: Andrew Stephens
Date: 2012-04-20 12:25:53
Subject: A rare occurence

It is a rare occurrence that I will support the changes on the email vertical these days. I think that the aggressive approach is regressive for email communications, but John Caldwell is a SUPER GUY! He is very informative, extremely experienced, and more patient and forgiving than almost any other in the industry. Kudos to John for his great annual report and I look forward to reading your report for 2012 John. Stevie Drew says "Good Job!" ;-)