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Return Path Launches Free Engagement Benchmarking Tool


By Ken Magill

Email intelligence firm Return Path has launched a free service where marketers can benchmark their email campaigns’ performance from a engagement standpoint against competitors’ campaigns.

Intended as a lead-generation tool, the service is available at

Benchmarkmyemail was created as part of a quarterly “hack-a-thon” Return Path holds where its engineers get to create anything they want.

The tool draws on information from Return Path’s email intelligence service Inbox Insight, which monitors the behavior of more than 2 million email users. allows marketers to find out how their email campaigns stack up against competitors’ efforts by entering their sender domain and their selected competitor’s sending domain.

The service also requires a name, a company name and an email address. It is a lead-generation tool, after all. then returns a comparative engagement assessment, a read rate and a delete-without-reading rate for the two domains.

“The service offers free information on how you stack up against your competition,” said Margarita Golod, director, product marketing for Return Path. “You can see your competitor’s largest five campaigns and how they performed in the last 30 days. You may have seen a competitor’s email and thought it was really good, but now you know it didn’t perform well.”

Click here for a screenshot of some sample results.

[Editor's note: The reason the screenshot is behind a link is it's a big PNG image that wouldn't allow me to shrink it without cropping it. Graphics have never been my strong point.]



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