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Magill FFL: Return Path Romps; Division-2 Drama Continues

By Ken Magill

The Return Path Rage routed the Spamtacular Bastards this week 157.26 to 59.52, bringing their record to a Division-3-leading 8-1.

Return Path already had the game well in hand going into Monday night, but then poured on the pain with a 31.1-point performance by Cincinnati wide receiver Terell Owens. Return Path was also this week’s leading scorer.

The TowerData Techies extended their winning streak to five games in a row this week by beating the Yesmail Raiders 106.9 to 59.12. The win put the Techies solidly on top of Division 1 with an 8-1 record, three games ahead of the 5-4 Harte-Hanks Heroes.

Harte-Hanks lost to PL Marketing’s Orchard Lake Warrior 46.4 to 80.24. The Warrior’s record is 3-6.

Meanwhile, the league’s tightest race is still in Division 2 where e-Dialog’s e-D’s TDs managed to keep their top spot with a 116.46-to-83.02 win over StrongMail’s Orange Crush.

However, Message Systems’ MS Destroyers kept pace with e-Dialog by clocking in its fifth win in a row, beating The Pontiflex DUMBOS 111.46 to 83.26.

Both e-D’s TDs’ and The MS Destroyers’ records are a solid 6-3 in a division still very much up for grabs.

The MS Destroyers and the Return Path Rage have the league’s longest winning streaks.

The ArcaMax Blasters beat Permission Data 143.26 to 95.2, propelling them to second place in Division 3 behind Return Path.

Author’s note: I still haven’t been able to find Yahoo Fantasy’s tie-breaker rules, but the first tie breaker looks to be points scored. For example, e-D’s TDs have the same overall and divisional records as The MS Destroyers but e-D’s TDs are on top of the division they and the Destroyers share. e-D’s TDs have scored 1118.2 points this year compared to The MS Destroyers’ 994.68.

Meanwhile, the ArcaMax Blasters’ and the Pontiflex DUMBOS’ records are both 4-5, and ArcaMax is on top of Pontiflex in Division 3 at second place. While Pontiflex is listed below ArcaMax, its division record is 2-1, one game better than ArcaMax. Yet ArcaMax has scored 1001.8 points so far this season compared to Pontiflex’s 791.34.

If points scored is Yahoo’s first tiebreaker, it means if The MS Destroyers keep pace with e-D’s TDs record wise, they would have to score 124 points more than e-D’s TDs during the rest of the season to take Division 2. If points scored is not Yahoo’s first tiebreaker, it means I’ve just wasted everyone’s time by being an idiot who still can’t figure out Yahoo’s tiebreaker rules.


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