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Screen Size Matters; 'Combo' Openers Worth More: Experian


By Ken Magill

While mobile accounts for most opens and clicks, bigger screens are apparently where the real action takes place, according to a study recently published by Experian Marketing Services.

Half of all email unique opens in the second quarter of 2013 occurred on mobile devices, according to Experian.

Comparatively, desktop opens and webmail opens accounted for 23 percent of all opens each, according to Experian.

Mobile also accounted for the highest percentage of unique clicks at 40 percent according to Experian, while webmail and desktop accounted for 35 percent and 19 percent respectively.

However, webmail—such as Gmail, Yahoo! and AOL—accounted for 48 percent of transactions in the second quarter of 2013 and desktop accounted for 25 percent of transactions, according to Experian.

By comparison, mobile accounted for 13 percent of transactions in the second quarter of 2013, according to Experian.

Also, what Experian refers to as the mobile-combo category, where people opened a message two or more times, at least one of which was on a mobile device, accounted for 12 percent of transactions in the second quarter of 2013, according to Experian.

“Customers appear to be opening on mobile, but are more comfortable making their transactions on the larger screens of other platforms,” the study said.

Perhaps not surprisingly, people who opened emails more than once on any combination of devices were worth more revenue per opener than any of the single-platform groups, according to Experian.

The mobile-combo category accounted for $1.28 per opener while the “other” openers on more than one device accounted for 97 cents per opener, according to the study.

By comparison, desktop only, mobile only and webmail only accounted for 34 cents, 10 cents and 57 cents respectively, according to Experian.

Screen size also apparently plays a role in how mobile devices perform.

The iPhone was by far the most commonly used mobile device for opens and clicks, but the iPad was used more for transactions, according to Experian.

Sixty eight percent of unique mobile opens occurred on the iPhone, compared to 19 percent on the iPad and 13 percent on the Android, according to Experian.

However, 40 percent of mobile transactions occurred on the iPhone while 48 percent occurred on the iPad and 12 percent occurred on the Android, according to Experian.


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Posted by: jb
Date: 2013-09-11 10:01:57
Subject: responsive web?

i wonder how many of these transactional websites are responsive? here's the disconnect... emails that are optimized for mobile experience, but landing pages and websites that are not.