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Silverpop Announces Social Sign-In Tool


By Ken Magill

Email service provider Silverpop today announced it is adding a tool to its offerings that allows people to register on clients’ websites using their social media accounts.

Dubbed Social Sign In, the tool was developed by Janrain, a Portland, OR-based company that provides social-identity-management technology.

The idea behind the tool is to get more people to register on websites than ordinarily would because of the frustration of filling out online forms.

“By allowing them to register for online offers by signing in with their existing social network accounts, the process is simplified for registrants, increasing conversions,” Silverpop said in a press release. “Janrain has found that companies can achieve a significant increase in registration conversion rates when they provide users with this option.”

Added Bryan Brown, director of product strategy at Silverpop: “The goal is to create a bridge that helps people go from social to site and continue feeling like there’s a social experience.”

Brown said that companies that allow social sign ins have seen 10 percent to 50 lifts in registration conversions.

“From a B-to-B marketing perspective, that’s a huge increase,” he said.

He said sometimes people want to access content that has been shared with them on a social network but don’t necessarily want to interact with the vendor behind it.

“Social Sign In lets you take someone who’s coming from social and instead of filling out a form, they just click the Twitter icon or whatever their social network is and they don’t have to fill out a form,” he said.

Brown added that through its partnership with Janrain, Silverpop can get profile information on the person through their social network and tailor messages to them accordingly.

Site owners can also ask people for more information on subsequent visits.

Silverpop offers “progressive forms, which allow you to ask for information at key times rather than asking for it all up front,” said Brown.

“So the first time you come from Twitter because you saw some e-book reference to my site, maybe I just let you sign in with Twitter. Then I could instantly pop a progressive question like, ‘oh, by the way, to get the e-book I need your email,’ or I could just let them get the e-book and wait for them to come back and when they come back I can progressively ask for the pieces of information I want that I didn’t get before.”

Brown added Social Sign In is one piece of a number of tools to come that will be bundled together under an initiative called Social Connect.


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