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Silverpop to Acquire Marketing-Automation Firm CoreMotives


By Ken Magill

Email service provider Silverpop announced yesterday it will acquire marketing automation firm CoreMotives for an undisclosed sum.

Both companies are based in Atlanta. The deal is expected to close this week.

Founded in 2009, CoreMotives has developed a marketing-automation solution that works within the Microsoft Dynamics CRM product. According to Silverpop, CoreMotives serves 800 accounts in 34 countries.

According to Silverpop CEO Bill Nussey, CoreMotives makes marketing automation accessible to smaller marketing departments.

“We are very excited about reaching a marketplace that for the most part has been unreachable by traditional marketing automation,” he said.

Also, since it runs within the Microsoft Dynamics CRM application, marketers who are accustomed to Microsoft Dynamics CRM can execute their campaigns without having to learn a new user interface, according to Silverpop.

Nussey said that because of resource constraints, most marketers are “doing homogenous email blasting to a homogenous audience.

“The good news is there’s a way out of that:” he said. “And that’s to really pay attention to what your customers are doing and build that into your campaign. The marketing-automation crowd has been pioneering that for a couple years now. But the cost and trouble of doing that is higher than the cost of email. With email, I can build a list and go bam, bam, bam and it works.”

However, he said: “No one is arguing that it’s not better to be more targeted. What’s cool about CoreMotives is that they make it easy enough for companies [that otherwise wouldn’t automate] to start doing some more of this advanced stuff.

“CoreMotives lowers the bar so that the amount of learning is so small that even a part-time marketer can start doing more advanced email marketing,” he added.

Silverpop will also be releasing a Microsoft Dynamics CRM integration for its Engage marketing automation platform sometime before the end of the year, the company said in a press release announcing the CoreMotives acquisition. The Engage option will be designed for marketers with large databases, more sophisticated campaigns, and higher email volumes, the company said.


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Posted by: David Chitester
Date: 2012-03-20 17:11:28
Subject: Email marketing automation

Good move for Silverpop. It remains to be seen, however, to what extent most users will embrace these new innovations vs. batch and blast techniques. Econsultancy's Email Marketing Industry Census 2012, released a couple weeks ago, says only 40% of emailers use their ESP for anything more than the "basic braodcast of email".