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Six Percent of U.S. Shoppers Showroomed in November: Gallup


By Ken Magill

Six percent of U.S. retail shoppers said they showroomed—looked at a product in a retail store but bought it online—in early November, according to a recent survey by Gallup.

Also, 40 percent of American consumers have showroomed at least once, according to Gallup.

However, 54 percent of Americans shopped in a retail store, other than a grocery store, drugstore, or convenience store in the week before they were interviewed, according to Gallup. Of those who shopped in a retail store, 83 percent bought or intend to buy merchandise in a store, Gallup reported.

People with higher incomes tend to be more disposed toward showrooming, according to Gallup.

Forty percent of those whose household income is less than $90,000 per year say they have showroomed at least once. But 53 percent of those with a household income of $90,000 or higher said they showroomed at least once.


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