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By Ken Magill


Spam Primavera began emerging as the dominant team in The Magill Report Fantasy Football League this week by winning its fourth game in a row.


Spam Primavera, managed by Adam Mihalik, a marketing analyst at a really big insurance company I’m not allowed to name, kept its spot as the sole undefeated team in the league by beating Message Systems’ MS Destroyers 158.58 to 138.86.


Spam Primavera benefited from strong performances by New England quarterback and receiver Tom Brady and Wes Welker, respectively, Carolina receiver Steve Smith and the Tennessee  Titans’ defense.


Spam Primavera leads Division 1. 


As a result of the loss, Message Systems sits in the middle of Division 1 with a record of 2-2.


Meanwhile, the TowerData Validators posted this week’s top score, beating FreshAddress’s The @men 171.36 to 124.94.


TowerData got the win mostly as a result of strong outings by Carolina quarterback Cam Newton, who scored 40.46 fantasy points, New York Giants receiver Hakeem Nicks, who scored 25.2 and New Orleans tight end Jimmy Graham, who scored 24.2.


TowerData is No. 2 in Division 1 with a record of 3-1. The @men’s record is 1-3.


Happily, the wife’s Rivet This! lost to Omeda’s Oh My! Omeda 98.64 to 148.34. The loss put the wife’s record at a comfortably bad 1-3. However, she hasn’t given up hope of crawling back into this thing, winning the championship and publicly humiliating me. 


There’s a lot of season left to go. (Please, please, pleeeeze keep losing.)


The win was Oh My! Omeda’s first. (Yay!)


Division 2 is looking interesting with a three-way tie for first place.


e-Dialog’s e-D’s TDs, Mickey Chandler’s Spamtacular Bastards and the Pontiflex DUMBOs all have records of 3-1.


e-D’s TDs bounced back from a loss last week to squeak by Zrinity’s Email Lightning 169.54 to 167.22. Email Lightning’s record is 1-3.


The Spamtacular Bastards posted their third win in a row, beating Harte-Hanks Heroes 104.98 to 75.32. The loss left Harte-Hanks record at 2-2.


The Pontiflex DUMBOs beat Return Path’s RP Goliaths 84.74 to 82.54. The DUMBOs posted this week’s third lowest score. However, they had the luck of playing the team that scored the second lowest.


But, hey. A win’s a win.


Return Path’s record is 0-4.


The NetAtlanticTidalWave secured a two-game lead over everyone else in Division 3 by beating PL Marketing’s Orchard Lake Pirates 102.66 to 91.9. NetAtlantic’s record is 3-1. The Pirates’ is 1-3.


Editor’s note: I was asked this week to publish a standings chart. I think it’s a great idea,  but I’m in Boston at the Direct Marketing Association’s fall show. I will try and figure out how to publish a standings chart next week.



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