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Spamhaus Provides Answers: Part 3

This is part of an ongoing series in which Steve Linford, chief executive of anti-spam organization Spamhaus, agreed to field questions from Magill Report readers, who submitted more than 60.

Access parts one and two here and here.

The rest of this post is from Spamhaus:

26. What qualifies a domain for listing on the DBL? How is this different from listing the sending IPs instead on the SBL or CSS lists.

DBL listing is an automated process based on our proprietary heuristics. We can also make manual listings based on our investigation but those are a tiny fraction of the DBL zone. Filtering based on IPs and domains, as opposed to just one or the other exclusively, provides our clients with better protection against spammers who change either domain or IP, or both.

27. What business hours do Spamhaus employees work? Or, what is the best time to reach out to Spamhaus?

There are Spamhaus people all around the world, they do Spamhaus work as their schedule permits, and someone is always on watch, 24-7-365. It's been like that for over ten years and that remains into the foreseeable future. We generally respond to SBL removal requests within 24 hours, and email is how to reach us for that.

28. Will Spamhaus ever engage in a phone-call with Marketers?

The Spamhaus team communicates and collaborates via email, and that's also the way we prefer to be contacted. All SBL listings are resolved exclusively by email. That gives us and you a written trail of what is said, and it allows the SBL team to monitor and review its work.

29. What information must be collected in order to provide evidence that a subscriber opted in to receive a commercial email?

Most systems log email address, connecting IP, timestamp, and origin of the subscription (where the address was collected). Name and other personal info may also be collected. That's all good for your own use, but all such evidence can also be forged so it really doesn't help in resolving an SBL. Besides, we understand that you may not be able to share private information. The important thing to show us is not the historic logs, although they might help in some case, but a documented process of address acquisition, for example a process where we could confirm a subscription for our own test address.

30. If an ESP sends mail for multiple clients on a shared range of IP addresses and uses a shared sending domain, what is the best way to work with Spamhaus to resolve a block listing issue for an offending client while maintaining service for the rest of the clients on the range?


31. If an ESP sends mail for multiple clients on a shared range of IP addresses and the sending domain for each is a separate sub-domain, what is the best way to work with Spamhaus to resolve an issue for an offending client while maintaining service for the rest of them?

In both cases, read the SBL listing first to understand the problem, then contact SBL-removals as soon as possible to explain the situation. We know about mixed mailstream IP ranges, and if you've suspended the problem part of the stream so that our users won't get the spam (including clearing your outbound mail queue) we can usually work with you to quickly resolve the listing. Of course, we expect the spam to stay stopped (that may entail a wide range of solutions).

As far as sending domains, whether shared or subdomains, provide all the transparency you possibly can up front, publicly. Domain whois records identifying the sender, proper rDNS, fDNS resolving back to your IPs, and IP whois records reflecting your control of the range are good indicators of responsibility.


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Posted by: William Ellis
Date: 2016-04-24 16:25:51
Subject: xbl advisor

Why do i get this msg. I send letter to nephew in Autralia & it's blocked . I send msg anywhere no prob. I am not very pc literate . please fix problem . Wiliam Ellis , In Canada
Posted by: The STOPhaus Movement
Date: 2013-08-15 06:26:18
Subject: Sha

Sha, you don't know who I am and your attempts to be a criminal douchebag are fruitless. You may be an International Crime Boss hacker, but we are legion. Don't use the term STOPhaus in your crime spree or we will charge our laz0rs on you without mercy.
Posted by: Sha
Date: 2013-07-29 16:23:37

Andrew, we know how much you do not like the Linfords, but can you stop publishing what I post in private? You can see that you clearly allow him time to find an excuse.
Posted by: YeahRight
Date: 2013-07-27 16:24:05
Subject: Steve's Address

If that is not Steve's address then he is an International Criminal because that is the address he listed when he filed for his shell company in France. That is the address he listed as the Spamteq headquarters. That is the address that he reported to the FR Government as his address when he moved there. Sure he'll say it isn't his and believe that reverse-psychology will fool people, but anyone that has any diligence will establish that this address is definitely where Steve's primary residence is. He has no rental properties, LINFORD REAL ESTATE IS A SHELL with absolutely no documents backstopping the filings.
Posted by: David Ritz
Date: 2013-07-26 16:51:21
Subject: Thanks

I'd like to thank both Ken and Steve for providing these insights into marketing best practices, as it is seen from the receivers' viewpoint. I'm glad to see you (plural) are working towards making the Internet a better experience for the vast majority of senders and receivers.
Posted by: Ken Magill
Date: 2013-07-26 13:33:14
Subject: Note from Linford

I just received the following regarding Stophaus's column below: Hi Ken, Unless it's against your policy, there's no need to remove any personal 'targetting' info on me the STOPhaus spammer Andrew Stephens posts into your comments fields. The info he posted into your comments relates simply to a rental property I own in France and is readily available via Google. If the STOPhaus spammers want to post threats to that French address they'll waste their time, the agent who manages that property (one of two I have in France, so no doubt they'll post info on the other as well since that's also readily available on Google) simply bags any post for me to look over the few times a year I pass through France. Anyone who wants to send threats via post to me or Spamhaus would do far better to post them to either of the official Spamhaus addresses on our website, at least then someone would read them and possibly forward them to me if they were worth a read. As the head of Spamhaus being targeted personally by spammers simply comes with the job. Regards, Steve Linford The Spamhaus Project
Posted by: Ken Magill
Date: 2013-07-26 12:48:50
Subject: STOPhaus

I've been assured the address below is not Steve's home address.
Posted by: STOPhaus
Date: 2013-07-25 04:42:57
Subject: Stevie-Poo

How do you like being followed around everywhere you go and beat-up? That's probably how your victims feel about it as well. Think about it Steve; you are dead wrong and you know it. Stephen John Linford 1087 Avenue de la Colle-sur-Loup 06480 La Colle-sur-Loup, France +33 (0)492110934