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Stephanie Miller Takes VP Role at DMA


By Ken Magill

Online marketing veteran Stephanie Miller has joined the Direct Marketing Association as vice president, member relations, it was announced today.

Miller’s position at the DMA is newly created and her day-to-day duties have yet to be defined in detail. Broadly, though, the job is aimed at making sure members are happy.

“I’ve been a data-driven marketer for my entire career,” said Miller. “This role is basically managing CRM for members. The DMA’s members are their customers. This job is about retention and satisfaction and engaging members more with the activities at the DMA.”

Miller is also widely known in online marketing circles and may be able to help the DMA shake an old-school marketing reputation that persists.

For the record, acting DMA president, Linda Woolley, vehemently disagrees with the idea that digital marketers don’t embrace her association.

“Some of our newest members are doing incredibly new and different stuff with ‘new media, such as Twitter and apps,” she wrote in an email exchange with the Magill Report. “And Google and Facebook are on our board, for Pete's sake.

“I actually think saying, ‘digital’ these days sounds outdated. It's like there's ‘digital’ and then there's ‘mail,’ but frankly, even mail has gotten to be intensely ‘digital’ because of the data and convergence of online/offline -- so it's all digital.”

Fair enough, but one thing that is not debatable is that Miller brings with her some serious digital—or whatever we want to call it—marketing chops.

For the last two years, Miller was vice president of digital [there’s that word again] and email services at marketing platform provider Aprimo. She is a frequent speaker and writer on online marketing.

She has also held executive-level marketing positions with Return Path, Hotmail and RealNetworks and worked for six years as a marketing consultant in Silicon Valley. She is the co-author of "Sign Me Up! A Marketer’s Guide to Creating Email Newsletters that Build Relationships and Boost Sales.”

So whether the DMA needs to burnish its Internet-marketing image or not, signing Miller certainly doesn’t hurt.

“I believe the DMA has a chance to take its rightful place as the leading association for digital marketers,” said Miller. “And as someone who has volunteered there for 10 years, I feel like I’ve been part of its success, as well as things we haven’t done as well. So I see this as a chance to put my money where my mouth is and be a part of this organization.”

Added Woolley: “She's our ambassador outward, and she is members' ambassador into DMA to ensure that we're doing what members want and meeting their needs. Her unique qualities are that she's done this very job well for a long time other places (Aprimo, Return Path), she's well-connected, smart, and a really good listener. She's a founder of the eec [email experience council].”

Miller started her new job yesterday.


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