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StrongView Debuts Real-Time Personalization Tool

By Ken Magill
Marketing services provider StrongView has unveiled what it claims is an industry-first, real-time personalization tool fully integrated into an ESP’s system.
Dubbed Live Content, the tool allows marketers to send dynamic content in emails based on, among other things, the user’s location, weather, device type, time of day, and product sale and availability, according to StrongView.
“Traditionally [to use real-time personalization, marketers] have had to be in two systems at different times,” said Dave Frankland, chief strategy officer for StrongView. “One of the innovations is that this [Live Content] is now fully integrated. It’s native in the app.”
Frankland added that traditionally, implementing real-time personalization has been a hassle because it involves using two vendors’ systems and can be pricy.
As a result, he said, though real-time personalization is known to work, its use is spotty.
“We looked at how to remove those two barriers,” he said, adding that Live Content features “all-you-can-eat” pricing.
According to StrongView, Live Content’s capabilities include:
Nearest Store – Automatically show the nearest stores on a map based on location of the user at time of open;
Weather Aware – Display live forecasts or automatically select relevant images based on weather at time and location of open;
Device Optimizer – Change content based on the display capabilities of the device used at time of open; 
Countdown Clock – Display and count down time to the end or beginning of a sales event or product reveal; 
Web-to-Email – Pull content directly from a website into email at time of open (e.g., new products, latest news, offers, stock info, social feeds, and more);
Image Optimizer – Test multiple images and automatically optimize which ones are displayed based on the highest converting images;
Image Personalization – Personalize images by overlaying a recipient's name or other dynamic attribute;
Video-in-Email – Optimize video playback based on capabilities of each inbox provider, including direct playback within the message;
Social Feed – Stream the brand’s latest Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram posts at time of open.
Frankland did not say exactly what the service will cost clients.
“For the vast majority of our clients, this is not a huge premium and once you sign up, it’s all you can eat,” he said “So there’s no reason not to include this in almost every email.”

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