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StrongView Lays Off Staff

By Ken Magill
Email service provider StrongView recently laid off a significant portion of its workforce, the Magill Report has learned.
Industry sources are putting the number of layoffs at from 30 to 40 people, or between 20 percent and 25 percent of the company. The company’s strategy and deliverability teams were reportedly hit particularly hard, they said.
Three of the sources for this report are not current or former StrongView employees. They are three separate, well-connected executives in email marketing who said they had been in contact with StrongView employees who had just been laid off. 
One of the sources contacted me anonymously by email after I tweeted a request for followers to confirm StrongView had just laid off a significant percentage of its staff.
Three of the four sources said the layoffs were a result of financial difficulties StrongView has been having.
StrongView confirmed layoffs have taken place, but declined to give any further details.
“I can confirm that StrongView has eliminated some positions to better align our resources with the current direction of the company,” wrote Shawn Myers, vice president of marketing for StrongView, in an email to the Magill Report. “As a policy we do not disclose numbers or details regarding personnel matters.”

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