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Stunner! Harte-Hanks Holds Off Return Path by Less than a Point

By Ken Magill

The Return Path Rage went into Monday night needing to score 23.47 points for a win over Harte-Hanks Heroes and a spot in the first Magill Report Fantasy Football League Championship.

They scored 23.3. Ouch.

Harte-Hanks got a boost this week from Cleveland quarterback Colt McCoy, who scored 26.72 fantasy points.

As a result, Harte-Hanks beat Return Path 96.02 to 95.86 and will play e-Dialog’s e-D’s TDs in the championship next week.

E-D’s TDs went into Monday night leading The TowerData Techies 127.1 to 109.72 and held on to win 127.1 to 119.52.

And from the man-that’s-gotta-hurt file: both Permission Data and StrongMail’s Orange Crush outscored all four playoff teams in their largely meaningless consolation games against Message Systems’ MS Destroyers and PL Marketing’s Orchard Lake Warrior.

Permission Data scored a league-leading 132.86, beating the MS Destroyers, who scored 117.46.

The Orange Crush beat The Orchard Lake Warrior 130.18 to 103.30.

Moreover, all four consolation-game teams outscored Return Path and Harte-Hanks.

Oh, well.

There’s always next year.


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Date: 2010-12-21 15:54:23

It's like my UConn Huskies in the BCS against the Sooners! Go Huskies, and go Harte-Hanks! -- Chet Dalzell