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Stunner! To the Winner at Least; Meg Reynolds Wins Pollard Award


By Ken Magill

In a move that apparently stunned the bejesus out of this year’s recipient, the email experience council last week bestowed its second annual Stefen Pollard Marketer of the Year Award for Excellence and Creativity to Meg Reynolds, manager, campaign planning for REI.

Pollard was a respected email-marketing mentor and best practices proponent. He died unexpectedly in 2010.

Starting last year, the eec gives the Pollard award annually to someone who they deem exemplifies Pollard’s best professional qualities.

Reynolds is a regular speaker at industry events and participant on industry roundtables.

Last year’s Pollard award winner was Loren McDonald, vice president of industry relations for email service provider Silverpop.

Other nominees this year were Stephanie Miller, vice president of digital messaging for Aprimo, and Bill McCloskey, founder of the Only Influencers online discussion list.

Somewhat comically, Reynolds was apparently so sure she stood no chance at winning this year’s Pollard award that she didn’t even attend the conference where it was given: The 2012 Email Evolution Conference at the Westin Diplomat resort in Hollywood, FL.

As a result, McDonald read the acceptance speech she sent over, appropriately enough, by email:

“I would like to thank the eec community for this recognition. I'm stunned to be the winner of this award. Honestly, if I thought I'd win it, I'd have been present to collect! I was flattered to be considered in the same league as email luminaries Stephanie Miller and Bill McCloskey, the other nominees. I do not have the visibility or industry stature of a Loren McDonald, or of Stephanie/Bill. So, I truly didn't think I'd put the EEC in the position of having an absent winner. My apologies, my absence is no reflection on how much I value the recognition.

“Upon nomination, I spent some time reviewing Stefan Pollard's ClickZ articles and the email community response to his passing. What an honor to receive the award dedicated to his memory. I wish I had known him.

“I have had the pleasure of working with some of the best email minds in the business. I would particularly like to acknowledge Stephanie Miller and Matt Blumberg [CEO] at ReturnPath, Karen Greer [senior account director] at Epsilon, Justin Foster from his days [as vice president, professional services] at WhatCounts and Aaron Smith [vice president of campaign services] and Lisa Harmon [vice president of creative services] from their days at Responsys. I tip my hat to them and to all of you today. Thank you for this recognition.



“PS: I am very much hoping there is some sort of trophy or plaque involved. Please send it to me! It's a major award!!!”

Reynolds responded to an inquiry from The Magill Report saying she is on vacation in Mexico and unavailable for an interview.


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