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Stupid Study Watch: Thank You, Captain Obvious


By Ken Magill

Folks, we are all in the wrong business. We need to quit our jobs and go get PhDs in one of the social sciences.

Then we can spend the rest of our lives doing studies that conclude the obvious.

The most recent example of university obvi-idiocy comes in the form of a study that determined people who receive a lot of email, habitually respond to a good portion of it, maintain a lot of online relationships and conduct a large number of transactions online, are more susceptible to email phishing than those who limit their online activity.

The study also reportedly showed that a person's competency with computing did not protect them from phishing scams, but their awareness about phishing in conjunction with healthy email habits, helped them avoid online deception.

"Our findings suggest that habitual patterns of media use combined with high levels of email load have a strong and significant influence on individuals' likelihood to be phished," said one of the researchers in a statement.

Wow. The hair on my arms just stood straight up.

This just in: Men who sleep with a lot of women tend to have a burning sensation when they pee more often than those who limit their sexual activity.

Also, a person's competency in sex did not protect them from burning pee, but their awareness about venereal disease in conjunction with healthy sexual habits, helped them avoid the clap.

There. May I have my PhD now?


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