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Stupid Study Watch: Why Can't Get a Job

By Ken Magill
Question for Magill Report readers: Why do we all work so hard when it all could have been so much easier? 
We could have all gotten PhDs in one of the social sciences and made a decent living teaching a few credit hours—granted, also dealing with a bunch of self-entitled punks—and cranking out papers on studies stating the obvious.
Our latest example of a social science study stating the obvious comes from the journal of Cyberpsychology, Behavior and Social Networking.
According to the study from Amsterdam’s VU University, recruiters view people with informal email addresses on their resumes—such as including “Luv U” or “XOXO” in them—less favorably than potential hires with formal email addresses.
“[T]he hirability ratings regarding the résumés with informal e-mail addresses were significantly lower … than the hirability ratings regarding résumés that featured a formal e-mail address,” the study concluded. “The effect of the e-mail address was as strong as the effect of spelling errors,” it said.
Really? We needed a study to figure this out?
Next up: A study concluding it is unwise to chew gum during an interview. Or people aiming to get jobs in IT departments hurt their chances with addresses everywhere except AOL.
The study also concluded that spelling errors and informal addresses had more negative effects on recruiter perception than typeface.
So Comic Sans is back on the table as a resume font?

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Posted by: Ken Magill
Date: 2015-03-26 12:07:25
Subject: Broken Link

Thanks for the heads up! Fixed
Posted by: TMac
Date: 2015-03-25 12:13:16
Subject: Broken Link

Hey Ken! big fan. FYI - Broken link of front page to get to this article, remove the *space*after .com - /Stupid-Study-Watch-Why-WhatsUp-ChickenButt-Gmail-com-Cant-Get-a-Job/