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Sweetser Joins eDataSource

By Ken Magill
Arthur Sweetser has joined email competitive-intelligence firm eDataSource as its senior vice president of marketing, the Magill Report has learned.
The move reunites Sweetser with eDataSource’s CEO G.B. Heidarsson.
The two worked together when Sweetser was vice president of marketing and Heidarsson was managing director for email service provider e-Dialog.
e-Dialog was acquired by GSI Commerce in 2008 and now is part of eBay.
Sweetser left e-Dialog in 2010.
Between then and now he did a stint as chief marketing officer for database marketing agency 89 Degrees and chief marketing officer for real-time behavior-based messaging provider Evergage.
Sweetser said he is happy to be back in the email marketing industry.
“I am excited to get back to my roots,” he said. “I am really impressed by what G.B. has done with eDataSource. And fundamentally email still has the best ROI for marketers.”
At e-Dialog, Sweetser said, he experienced two types of clients: the ones who said “just send” and the ones who were will to “do a little homework” to send smarter email.
“And guess who enjoyed better revenue growth year over year and better ROI?” he said. “The ones who were willing to do a little homework.”
Through eDataSource, Sweetser said, he will be working with marketers who are willing to roll up their sleeves and send smarter email.
“They want to figure out what their competitors are doing. How often do they mail? How much duplication is there between their list, and their direct competitor and their indirect competitor?” he said. “We just told a client two days ago that one out of five people [on their file] gets their direct competitor’s email and one out of four gets their indirect competitor’s email.”
eDataSource was founded as Email Data Source in 2003 by Bill McCloskey who is now the proprietor of email marketing discussion list Only Influencers.

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