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Swerdlow Leaves EEC; Magill Report Last to Know



My name is Ken Magill. I used to be a marketing trade reporter.

Today, well, let’s just say I could rely on carrier pigeons and be more informed.

An email marketing executive could shoot up and rob a bank and be on the cover of the New York Post with the headline “Spam Blam!” and I apparently wouldn’t know about it.

How do I draw this conclusion?

Well, Ali Swerdlow has left her position as director of the Direct Marketing Association’s email experience council and has joined email-address-validation firm LeadSpend as vice president of channel sales and marketing, it was announced today.

Trouble is, Swerdlow joined LeadSpend three weeks ago. She even had a farewell note in the eec’s newsletter.

I never saw it. I learned of her departure today.

Let’s put this another way: The director of the premier email marketing association leaves her position and I—supposedly Mr. Email Marketing Reporter Man—don’t learn about it until her new company puts out a press release three weeks later.

Wait. Look up. What’s that? Why, that’s a big fat scoop sailing right over my head. I guess we’ll have to wait until it comes out on PR Newswire to find out what it is.

Meanwhile, when asked why she left the eec, Swerdlow said: “I felt it was time to move on and try something new.”

Swerdlow has been de facto director of the eec since its creation six years ago. She earned the title officially in August.

The DMA is interviewing candidates for her replacement now.


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Posted by: Bill McCloskey
Date: 2012-04-03 16:08:30
Subject: A tribute to Ali Swerdlow

I did an interview with Ali and other email pros who have been involved in EEC activities. You can hear it on .