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TowerData Rebrands as Email-Only Data Firm


By Ken Magill

Database-services firm TowerData is expected to announce today it has rebranded itself from a telephone, postal and email database services firm to solely an email firm.

“Our strength has always been on the email side,” said Tom Burke, chief executive of TowerData. “For quite a number of years we offered a comprehensive set of data-quality services for email, postal and phone. And I think that was a little confusing to the marketplace and to some of our customers as to what was our core focus.”

“So we really wanted to make the TowerData brand clearer, that we are specialists in email, that our primary resource is our email database and the technology that we built around that,” he added.

“The primary focus of the rebrand was to sharpen our focus and make that clearer in the marketplace,” he said.

As part of the rebrand, TowerData has discontinued offering postal-address and telephone services, such as national change of address services and telephone appending.

The company’s web site has been redesigned to reflect the change.

“We’ve removed those [telephone and postal] services entirely,” said Burke.

The company now offers three core services, according to Burke: email intelligence, email address validation and email appending.

The Messaging Anti-Abuse Working Group, an international trade group of technology firms, ISPs, email service providers and others aimed at combating spam and other types of messaging abuse, in no uncertain terms condemns email appending.

Email appending is the practice where a vendor matches a marketer’s postal file to an email database in an attempt to deliver email addresses associated with the postal customer.

Burke said that while TowerData does offer email appending, “it is becoming less and less of our business.”

The core of TowerData’s rebrand is the addition of an email intelligence offering, he said.

However, TowerData’s email intelligence service is not like those offered by Return Path and eDataSource, according to Burke.

“I see what Return Path is doing as more about analytics, such as who opened an email and what are your competitors doing?” he said. “When TowerData talks about email intelligence we’re really talking about email addresses. Who is the person behind that email address? Is that email address alive and active? Is someone opening email sent to that address? What are the demographics of the person behind that address? What kind of offers are they interested in?

“We’re providing a wealth of information on people who are actually behind those email addresses so marketers can better target their offers to their best prospects,” Burke said. “We think the new brand and new web site clarify our strength in the email space.”


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