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Vendor Spotlight: Movable Ink

By Ken Magill
Movable Ink enables marketers to send personalized, real-time, dynamic content in email messages.
Through its agileEmail platform, the company claims it allows marketers to tailor messages based on such things as device, geo-location, time opened, local weather, previous clicking behavior, current inventory of a particular product, and more.
“Movable Ink helps deliver an in-the-moment experience that is generated the second you get an email. It understands your recent behavior, it understands your open-time context, and is able to serve up just the right creative that understands your weather and device,” said Vivek Sharma, CEO and co-founder of Movable Ink. “And it is being optimized constantly based on what you are interested in, what you are clicking on, what you’re purchasing.
“We wrap this up in a very simple and easy to use way and make marketing a lot better,” he added.
Sharma said the personalization parameters available to clients come in three categories:
“There is the open-time context of weather, device, time, location and things like that,” he said. “There is behavioral context which is about recent behavior and your recent engagement with the brand. What product categories have I browsed recently, what types of content and articles am I reading? Then there is CRM information that a company may have but haven’t been able to put into use in their marketing program … that you’re a high lifetime value customer or you’re a luxury shopper.”
Marketers, he said, “are able to pass those data points into Movable Ink to help personalize the experience.”
For example, he said, a marketer could use certain parameters to personalize images in the emails they send.
“Another might be to pull social content or user-generated content to your email messaging,” he said.
Sharma said Movable Ink also enables marketers to swap out offers in their emails in real time.
“eBay is a large customer of ours and that’s a big need for them,” he said. “Auctions have time sensitivity. They expire and there’s an urgency, especially when time is about to run out. So that’s extremely important for them to be able to swap out an offer in real time and 10 minutes later you’re seeing something different.”
Movable Ink also offers multivariate testing and real-time analytics, Sharma said.
Other Movable Ink clients include Sax Fifth Avenue, Finish Line and Lilly Pulitzer.
“We’ve been really strong in retail, financial services and travel and hospitality, and lastly technology companies,” said Sharma. “We’ve got more than 250 of the largest brands that are using us in non-trivial ways.”

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